Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Banality of Evil

Click on the pic to read an extract from a (recent) bizarre email from ACLEI. Here's my reply . . .

Good morning,

I'm sure you'd make an excellent functionary in any regime, and an excellent subject for Milgram. Personally speaking, writing from the sane World I inhabit, trying to explain to you why info relating to airport corruption is "In the public interest" feels a bit like trying to teach the alphabet to an autistic three year old.

Current Attorney General Robert McClelland appeared to have some grasp of it in 2005, before he had a spine-ectomy, as does the producer of this clip.

If you decide to reject my application, could you also (please), explain to me in writing, and in detail why you think access to this information isn't "In the public interest."

Regards, Kim