Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Did Anyone Tell Vice-President Boediono that the Perth Press Just HAD to Mention Schapelle When They Reported His Visit?

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Maybe they should (22 March 2011), and maybe that just underlines what I wrote to Indonesian journalist Dewi Anggraeni a few days ago.

And I guess if the Vice-President is serious about addressing corruption, and improving Indonesia's image, it would be an extremely wise move to publicly address a regrettable episode, and send an innocent woman home before even more uncomfortable facts explode on to the World stage. The mark of a mature and reliable democracy (safe for business), is not that mistakes and misjudgements are never made, it's that they're recognised and addressed in a timely manner. And sending Schapelle home before she dies is very smart.

In fact, considering the massive nose dive in bi-lateral relations (recent public poll here), if this tortured woman suddenly threw in the towel, I'm amazed some key players are prepared to take that second-by-second gamble - and as a psychiatric nurse of over 33 years experience, they have my professional assurance they're playing with fire. In the wider scheme of things, getting one small, ordinary Australian tourist home should be no big deal, compared to massive outcry (and long-term diplomatic damage), if she suddenly decided she couldn't go on. Personally, I don't think the money men have an ounce of humanity - but in this case, they're ignoring the business bottom line too.