Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint About Melissa Hoyer and Kylie Gillies on Channel 7's "Sunrise"

Goodmorning, Please be aware there is a book in development, "The QANTAS Cover Up," and this complaint will be reproduced.

I wish to formally complain that in this Sunrise segment:

. . . both Kylie Gillies and Melissa Hoyer openly state on national television that Ms. Schapelle Corby is guilty of smuggling marijuana to Bali, when there is no evidence for this accusation admissible in an Australian court. Here is a blog post of mine that explains this in more detail:

Briefly, every shred of physical evidence that Ms. Corby begged for was destroyed, and her "Conviction" was based solely (and wholly), on the unsubstantiated verbal evidence of Indonesian Government officials who did not speak English:

In Australia, magistrates are formally warned and advised not to accept police recollections without video or audio tapes (or signed statements from the accused), to back up their assertions. So in this country, the deliberate (and unexplained), destruction of every shred of physical evidence, plus the unsubstantiated verbal evidence from officers without any grasp of the English language, would have seen the case thrown out of court. And in the case of the "Trafficking" charge against Schapelle, no evidence at all was introduced into the court:

So I'm formally requesting an equally public retraction of Kylie Gillies and Melissa Hoyer's accusations, and a formal apology - or a written statement from Channel 7, detailing the "Evidence" for their claims (admissible in an Australian court). And I'd also wish to remind Channel 7 of the outcome, vis a vis the last time they publicly defamed Schapelle's family.

Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax