Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Kevin Rudd & Greg Moriarty, It's No Use Pretending You're Deaf

Dear Kevin and Greg,

Over four weeks ago, I wrote to both of you (twice), re your responsibilities to Australians convicted overseas (e.g. ensuring they get a fair trial, according the laws of the country they're arrested in) - and both of you have completely ignored the correspondence. This is a formal reminder, and you will continue to receive them (publicly), for as long as necessary. And since I last wrote, nearly 1.5 million Australian women have read about the horror conditions of Schapelle's incarceration - something nearly 85% of Australians might want to think about, as they contemplate the release of most of the Bali Bombers. This is also something the rest of the World will soon be reading about in much more detail, as they already are.

It's well established that the only evidence against Schapelle were some uncorroborated statements from Indonesian Government officials who did not speak English (which she denied). For very obvious reasons, this is considered extremely unsafe. Further, Schapelle was also convicted of "Trafficking" (a charged that pushed the potential penalty up by many years), even though (incredibly), no evidence was produced to back up this accusation. That's quite bizarre, though I guess it strongly confirms the findings of the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, re Indonesia's extremely poor results in fighting corruption.

Indonesia is also bound by universal legal principles, which it seems the judge chose to ignore, making some truly eye-popping statements (and he also blatantly denied Schapelle access to every shred of physical evidence she begged for). This clearly hi-lited his lack of comprehension. Not only was there not enough reliable "Evidence" to convict Schapelle in Australia, the laws of Indonesia are civilised too, and there was not enough to find her guilty there either.

The risks inherent in "Doing business" in a country are not related to the letter of the law within a jurisdiction (on which Indonesia cannot be faulted), they are related to the integrity (or otherwise), of the people applying them.

So Greg and Kevin, what formal action (and representations), do you intend to make, re the fact there was not any reliable evidence to convict Schapelle in either Australia or Indonesia? And if you think there was, could you please detail it. It's your responsibility to ensure fairness, and formally protest if Australian citizens are treated unjustly. Please do your respective jobs.

I look forward to your responses, Regards, Kim.