Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Kylie and Melissa, have you ever been sued?

Goodmorning Kylie and Melissa,

Congratulations Kylie and Melissa, you're both very beautiful women - which I guess just goes to prove the old adage about books and covers. And I must admit, my gut reaction to your performance here was a bit like biting into a delicious looking piece of food, only to find it crawling with maggots. I guess many Australians (almost 85% of your audience) felt the same.

I'm also voting for a new TV reality show. I vote we send you to Bali, and entrust your luggage to QANTAS baggage handlers Norman Niass, Easton Barrington James and "Tom," not forgetting the staff penchant for using innocent passengers as drug mules, and bringing millions of dollars worth of drugs into the country. We then destroy every shred of evidence you beg for to prove your innocence, and convict you to 20 years of hell wholly and solely on the unsubstantiated word of government officials who do not speak English - and convict you of "Trafficking" using no evidence at all. Then, we just close the lid on both of you for six and a half years, going back later to see how those pretty smiles and tart retorts have fared after you've tasted those Indonesian delights. Not forgetting (of course), that you would have been better off tearing hundreds of innocent people to shreds. I think that would be a fascinating experiment. Want to try it?

And one other thing babes, don't get careless. Channel 7 did that a while ago, and it cost them big bucks. When you're openly accusing an innocent woman of criminal activity on national television, you need to be very, very certain of your facts - and there is not a shred of evidence re Schapelle that would stand up in an Australian court. And personally, though I absolutely do not speak for Mercedes, it appears this woman (who has power of attorney for Schapelle), has had a gut full. If I was in her shoes (at this point), I wouldn't hesitate targeting jokers like yourselves - as well as QANTAS. And as for the latter, there's more than enough evidence to push the button any time that's convenient.

I'll also make sure you get a dishonourable mention in the coming book, in the "Media smears" section. So, do you have any reply - do you want to respond with any coherent "Evidence" for your public accusations? Be my guest. I'm waiting.

Regards, Kim