Saturday, March 5, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Lying Police Chief Who Hid and Supported the Leaking of Confidential Police Evidence

This blog post describes how Mal Hyde lied to the media about the contents of confidential police evidence (in relation to Schapelle). This was action which also condoned and supported the original breach of private police information (he should have refused to comment), and he then failed to investigate the source of the original leak and/or do anything about it. So here are some formal questions . . .

Dear Sarah and Phillip,

This is formal correspondence requiring action and a reply. Please treat it as such.

Sarah, you are in charge of South Australia's Police Complaints Authority, and Phillip, you are in charge of ACLEI. Could you please liaise with each other, and launch a joint investigation into the leaking of confidential police information (as described in D J Wolf's blog post), from either the South Australian Police, or the Australian Federal Police - and then get back to me with the answers to these questions . . .

1. Who (specifically), was the source of this leak e.g. which police officer picked up the phone and spoke to journalist Keith Moore, and leaked this information?

2. Why did Mal Hyde publicly lie about this confidential police evidence, and why didn't he do the ethical thing, and refuse to comment?

3. Why was there no internal police investigation (at the time), to seek out the source of the leak, and discipline the officer (or officers), involved?

4. Will you now formally ensure that the police officers responsible for this gross breach are now formally disciplined? Or is this behaviour OK by your standards?

When replying, could you please copy and reproduce those four questions, and place your direct answers beneath. That should save any confusion and/or argument about what has (or has not), been properly addressed. If I've not had any formal response (via letter), in four weeks, I'll send formal reminders to both of you.

Please note, there's a book in development (as well as a documentary), and the results of this correspondence will be widely disseminated.

Regards, Kim