Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Schapelle Corby - New South Wales Police Bribed by Potential QANTAS Terrorists?

Click on that picture to enlarge and read a letter from the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission, dated 3rd March 2011.

Here's an extract from the coming book . . .

"The NSW Police Integrity Commission replied on the 21st February 2011, saying my complaint will be “Assessed” and they’ll contact me again. However, considering their track record, recommending only four prosecutions in 2009 -10 (they still won’t say how many of those were sucessful), despite a budget of 22 million dollars, I wasn’t hopeful, which was entirely correct. After they received all the above, including info about how easy it would be for QANTAS baggage handlers (involved in bribing corrupt New South Wales Police), to insert Semtex into a traveller’s bags (one day, rather than cocaine), the NSW Police Integrity Commission again said my concerns weren’t “Important” and they didn’t even bother to change the format of their response. I got the same letter they sent me in December 2010 (extract on page 44), dated 3rd March 2011 this time . . . they just added a mention of the NSW Police . . .

'The Police Integrity Commission investigates only a small proportion of the complaints made or referred to it about serious police misconduct. In making its decisions as to which complaints it will investigate, the Commission considers each matter and takes into account a range of factors; in particular, the seriousness of the allegations made. Following an assessment of your complaint, the Commission has decided not to investigate it.

It is noted that you have already directed your complaint to the NSW Police Force and the NSW Crime Commission. In the Commission’s view the NSW Police Force and the NSW Crime Commission is the appropriate agency to deal with your complaint. Accordingly the Commission will take no further action in this matter.'

So on the 9th March 2011 (the day I got that response), I decided the only option was to go along with this mad charade, forward their letter to the NSW Police and the NSW Crime Commission, and formally ask them to investigate themselves. I could hear the shredders working overtime already, but at least this action would spotlight their bizarre and insular little World on the international stage. It was about time."