Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Phillip Moss of The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity Trashes the Rule of Law, and Sneers at The Australian People

Click on the above picture to read a letter from ACLEI which trashes the rule of law in this country. Phillip Moss is formally refusing to answer these questions.

Dear Phillip,

Thank you for your letter dated 11 March 2011, which refuses to answer central questions about your claimed "Investigation," which you're now asking the Australian people to accept on blind faith. So I'm asking you again, spelling out the position more clearly (as you obviously didn't "Understand" the first time), and sending you a formal reminder in 4 weeks if I hear nothing in the interim.

These are the central points . . .

1. The Australian Federal Police failed to preserve a single frame of CCTV relating to Schapelle or her luggage, from three Australian terminals.

2. The Australian Federal Police failed to preserve the X-ray imagery relating to Schapelle's luggage.

3. The Australian Federal Police failed to investigate the Australian grower and supplier of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag.

4. The Australian Federal Police failed to utilise the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Indonesia, to ensure the physical evidence was forensically examined.

So is your position (after your "Investigation"), that . . .

a) Points 1 to 4 above are untrue?

b) Points 1 to 4 above are true, but acceptable practice?

c) Points 1 to 4 above are true, not acceptable, but there is an innocent explanation for all of these failures?

Please don't treat Aussies like a bunch of idiots Phillip. Please get back to me, choosing a, b or c, and providing the Australian people with the evidence for your conclusion. Because quite honestly, I don't believe your organisation investigated anything at all. I think you're a liar. There is absolutely no evidence for your claims, all they amount to right now is hot air.

Please do your job (for once in the lifetime of your organisation), and provide something tangible and believable.

Regards, Kim