Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS Pays Druggie Staff to Keep Quiet

. . . or they would have, if they hadn't been busted first. So here are my questions to the Federal Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese, cc Steve Jackson (Head of Security) and Alan Joyce (CEO) at Qantas (in the faint hope the corporation may reply on these crucial issues) - because even though Qantas ignores and rejects legitimate questions about their criminal staff, Anthony is answerable to the Australian public . . .

Dear Tony,

I guess when those in authority choose to keep an innocent woman at death's door, in agony (as just screamed to nearly 1.5 million Australians), and locked in hell for well over six years, an awful lot of skeletons (you thought were dead and buried), start crawling out of the grave. But believe me, there's a whole army of them marching right your way.

But first, thank you for your reply to my questions of a few days ago - and I very much look forward to the answers (as does the World). Here are some more . . .

1. Why wasn't Qantas's drug-addled staff member charged?

2. Why did Qantas offer to reward his appalling behaviour with $20,000 dollars, and then withdraw it when it was publicised?

3. Why wasn't the Qantas baggage handler who wore items stolen from a passenger (on the Sydney Airport tarmac), charged or even sacked - and why were his disgusting antics rewarded with a redundancy payment?

4. Why weren't any of the other Qantas baggage handlers who participated in that incident charged (or even sacked)?

5. Are any of those workers (referenced in point 4 above), still working for Qantas?

6. Qantas baggage handler Norman Niass had an extensive criminal history. Can you explain how and why he was employed by Qantas? And tell us the duration of his employment with the airline?

7. Can you explain why Qantas did not inform Schapelle's legal team that, at the time she was convicted, their worker Norman Niass was in jail on remand, and had a lengthy criminal record?

8. Can you explain how and why "Tom" was ever employed as a Qantas baggage handler, considering his graphic criminal history?

9. Can you explain why no-one informed Schapelle's legal team that Sydney Airport Qantas baggage handlers had used another innocent passenger as an unwitting drug mule (the exact time and day she flew), and why senior AFP officer Mike Phelan, Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon and Qantas security manager Geoff Askew even lied about this to the media?

9. You were given a copy of the damning Australian Customs report (re lack of airport security at the time Schapelle flew), that Robert McClelland publicly referred to on the 31st May 2005, so why is the Australian Government still refusing to supply it to an innocent woman dying in a Bali hell hole, considering the tawdry background of lies, cover up and secret payouts now emerging?

I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Kim