Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS Says Norman Niass's "Lengthy" Criminal Record when they Employed him was "Irrelevant"

Dear Alan,

I rang the Executive Suite at QANTAS Head Office today, to get some explanation for your employment of baggage handler Norman Niass in 2004, because it seems (at that time), according to a magistrate, he had a "Lengthy prior record" vis a vis serious criminal activities.

I explained the situation to the lady I spoke to (after the switchboard put me through to the department I required). She told me his criminal record (at the time he was employed by your corporation), was "Irrelevant," and nothing to do with QANTAS. When I asked if I could quote her on this, she told me I could quote what I liked, and put the phone down on me. I was shocked at that response.

I will be using (and quoting), that interaction in a coming book about Schapelle, unless you'd like to get back to me with a written retraction (and explanation), in the meantime. I think that's fair. I'll write back in 4 weeks (with a reminder), if I hear nothing in the interim.

Further, when you respond, could you please (also), provide an explanation re your employment of baggage handler "Tom" (who had a major criminal history too, including a background of trafficking marijuana), ditto criminal QANTAS baggage handler Easton Barrington James. I have previously asked you about "Tom," and sent correspondence re this subject by registered mail, but you chose to ignore it.

The point is Alan, these baggage handlers used an innocent QANTAS passenger (flying in from South America), as an unwitting drug mule, on the exact day (and within the exact hour), Schapelle used their "Services." I think that's very significant. It's also very significant that staff who are capable of inserting cocaine into luggage, are also capable of inserting Semtex, so these are not trivial questions.

Or tell me, was a criminal record a requirement for working as a baggage handler with QANTAS at that time? With all these characters crawling out of the woodwork, I'm beginning to wonder.

I look forward to your response.

Regards, Kim