Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Schapelle Corby & South Australian Ghost Cops

Now, short of chasing Caspar the Ghost, SOMEONE in the Australian police service (South Australian or Federal), deliberately leaked confidential police evidence to the press, in order to damage Schapelle with lies.

No-one can say there is "No evidence" of wrong doing, because the evidence is out there, and in your face. Private police material was leaked. Period. So, either the Police Complaints Authority (SA), or ACLEI, have to find the culprit. And if neither come up with anything, I guess both should simply shut up shop, and direct the public to Ghostbusters.

And thanks for the call back to-day ACLEI, confirming you have my complaint. Once your deliberations are complete I will (of course), be seeking the internal machinations through an FOI application. As for the rather naive question about what happens if Herald Sun journalist Keith Moor won't spill the beans, I expect you to prosecute, and let the judge decide. Or is it one rule for journalists who write articles embarrassing the Government, and another for those who lie about an innocent woman, at the behest of corrupt police?