Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Tears of a Clown

Dear Andrew and Phillip,

Please don't fall over laughing already (I know it's a very black joke), but the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission (PIC), wants you (the New South Police and the New South Wales Crime Commission), to investigate yourselves. I got a letter from them to-day, asking me to send my concerns about police corruption and Schapelle to you. However, before you wet yourselves with mirth, remember quite soon the whole World will be privy to the circus. Enjoy the hilarity while you can.

I'm forwarding the formal complaint I sent Jerrold Cripps, chief of the NSW PIC, in February 2011. Please pass it on to investigators within your respective organisations as appropriate, liaise with each other, and get back to me with the outcome.

If I've heard nothing back in four weeks, I'll send a formal reminder - and then every four weeks (thereafter), until I do.

Regards, Kim