Thursday, March 10, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Terrorism Questions to Brendan, Robert and Julia

Dear Brendan, Robert and Julia,

Can you please liaise with each other, and get back to me on these very important questions. I'll send you a formal reminder in four weeks, if I hear nothing in the interim.

I rang Brendan's office yesterday, as well as Julia's, asking to speak to someone about some startling new developments, re revelations that long-term criminal Norman Niass (shot recently in Sydney), was a QANTAS baggage handler working at Sydney Airport during the exact day (and hours), Schapelle departed. This was also the day QANTAS baggage handlers used an innocent passenger as an unwitting drug mule. However, despite the horrifying and dangerous implications of this, Government staff appeared uninterested, and refused to let me speak to anyone.

So can I please have a response. How and why does the national airline of Australia QANTAS, employ career criminals like Norman Niass, Easton Barrington James and "Tom"? I also asked QANTAS about this yesterday, and (shockingly), their staff told me Niass's criminal history at the time they employed him was "Irrelevant," though I'm seeking further clarification on that point from their CEO, Alan Joyce. I hope he responds in a prompt and appropriate manner.

I look forward to your timely reply.

Regards, Kim