Sunday, March 20, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Why Did QANTAS Lie About Norman Niass?

Dear Steve,

When you phoned me on the 9th of August 2010, I asked if any Qantas baggage handlers had ever been arrested or charged, re the cocaine that was imported, via your airline (through Sydney Airport), on the day (and during the hours), Schapelle flew with your company. You told me they hadn't. That was a lie.

Baggage handler Norman Niass was already in custody when Schapelle was sentenced in Indonesia (in May 2005). Bail was denied because of his lengthy criminal record, and he was still behind bars in February 2006. So I guess this also means that when Qantas told the Parliament (in July 2005), that none of its staff were arrested, the corporation was lying then too. So here are my questions.

1. Why did you lie to me on the 9th of August 2010?

2. Why did Qantas lie to the Parliament in July 2005?

3. Why didn't Qantas inform Schapelle's lawyers about Niass's arrest (and his lengthy criminal record), when this young Australian woman was fighting for her life in a foreign country?