Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Amanda Wilson of The Sydney Morning Herald Supports Lies, and Refuses to Report New Evidence About Schapelle

Update 27 March 2012 - More proof of the lies reported by the Sydney Morning Herald HERE

Update 20 Feb 2012 - The central witnesses in Eamonn Duff's book (a Sydney Morning Herald reporter, heavily promoted by Amanda Wilson), officially call it a load of BS


Dear Amanda,

The day before Schapelle was convicted your newspaper claimed Australian marijuana sold in Bali at a premium price, but your publication has never provided a shred of evidence for that Globally unique article. Further "Aussie Gold" isn't mentioned in any other source (anywhere, ever), no reputable agency or expert supports it, NO Australian (before or since) has ever been caught smuggling a large amount of dope FROM Australia TO Bali - and reliable information from the United Nations 2007 World Drug Report completely trashes those allegations, clearly saying this drug sold for US30 cents a gram in Bali in 2005, while it sold for $US31 a gram in Australia at that time (pages 233 & 234). In other words, this substance was over a 100 time cheaper in Indonesia when your journalist Matthew Moore spun his bizarre fantasy. Further, you have consistently ignored reasonable questions about this serious matter, first put your newspaper almost four months ago, on the 18th of December 2010. So again, I am asking you to respond to those inquiries, after my last reminder over five weeks ago (2nd March 2011).

I am also very concerned that you appear to be blanking ground breaking news about Schapelle. On the 4th of April 2011 (just a few days ago), retired senior Australian Customs officer Allan Kessing publicly said her predicament was the result of Australian airport corruption, and that the Australian Federal Police deliberately covered up his crucial (and damning), report throughout her her high profile trial. He confirmed the AFP were in receipt of it in December 2004. What journalistic planet do you live on where this is not "News"?

Your newspaper also seems to have conveniently "Forgotten" about the Qantas baggage handlers who imported over $65 million worth of cocaine into Australia between June and December 2004 (in the bags of innocent passengers), despite the fact the AFP openly admit their crimes - and baggage handlers in the UK were jailed for 19 years for the same offence. Amanda, did it ever cross your mind to ask why none of them were ever convicted? Or do you believe in The Invisible Man? Or maybe you don't you reckon it's "Newsworthy" on Planet SMH?

Though here's a tip, unlike the now completely canned and rejected lies of some journalists I could mention, here's a book that will be published, The Qantas Cover Up - at which point the dishonesty of your newspaper, and failure to report the news (even when it's given to you on a plate), will be very, very public (given the widespread interest in this matter). There will be a whole section on the failures and lies of The Sydney Morning Herald.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Kim