Thursday, April 7, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Announcing The Mark Standen Blog Spot

Found this link on the net, author unknown. Very interesting indeed. Is flushing evidence down the loo a key selection criteria in the Australian Federal Police nowadays? It must be (check out "1982").

Mark Standen (former Assistant Director of the NSW Crime Commission), had close links to the criminal Qantas baggage handler "Tom," who helped to import cocaine into Australia (in the bags of innocent airline passengers), on the same day (and at the exact time) Schapelle unwittingly used Tom's "Services." "Tom" was later paid over $1.5 million by the New South Wales Crime Commission, after he threatened to expose corrupt police. "Tom" had a history of bribing bent officers.

The New South Wales Police Integrity Commission have point blank refused to investigate the links between corrupt police, and corrupt Qantas baggage handlers like "Tom."

Did the New South Wales Crime Commission enrich "Tom" to protect Standen, and why are they refusing to investigate Standen's other police activities, like his role in "Operation Mocha"? And which police officer leaked vital information to criminals about that investigation, because it wasn't Gerry Fletcher? Why has that never been investigated?