Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Bali Prison Chief Gets Just 4 Years For His Drug Crimes, WTF?!!!!!!

Dear Kevin and Greg,

This afternoon I rang Kevin's office, the Australian Consulate in Bali and the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, asking whether or not Mohammad Sudrajat is still in prison. In all cases, no-one was able to answer that question immediately, so I left my contact details for someone to return my call. I look forward to a response to that very simple question.

Or maybe Sudrajat's on holiday? Like hundreds of other corrupt Indonesian officials. Please look into this for me.

Meanwhile, as I'm no expert on Indonesian justice, can you please explain to the Australian people why a man (in a key position of trust), who was facing a minimum of 20 years for serious drug and ammunition charges, ended up with just four? Considering the savagery when dealing with Australian citizens.

I look forward to a formal response, and I'll send a reminder in four weeks if I hear nothing in the interim.

Regards, Kim