Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Bali Tourist Trade

Now, I must admit, I've never been to Bali - and when I ask other people why Aussies go there, the invariable I answer I get is "Because it's cheap." So now I'm scratching my head about that, because here's a random example of 4-star accommodation in Kuta, Bali - and here's a random example of 4-star accommodation on the Gold Coast (Surfers), Queensland, Australia. And I've stayed at Vibes Hotel on the Gold Coast, which is the example I used (took hubby there for his fiftieth). The standards are excellent. Plus (of course), the beach and the sea are beautifully clean, you can drink the water and the weather's sub-tropical.

So is Indonesia taking Aussies for granted? By the tone of these very recent comments, I reckon they are. It should also be noted that women are the prime movers when it comes to holiday bookings, and Schapelle isn't moving from the front page of the women's mags any time soon, because she sells copy like hot cakes (as also described here in March 2011).

So can Bali really afford covers like this (full article here), and pieces like this and this reaching around 1.5 million Australian women at very regular intervals? And it's not as if women's magazine are tomorrows garbage, they hang around for months and months in hundreds of thousands of homes and waiting rooms (of all descriptions), all over the country.