Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Criminal QANTAS Baggage Handlers Sailing Under the Radar, WHY?!!!!!

Dear Phillip and Jerrold,

This is a formal complaint to both of you, as the matter may involve the AFP, the New South Wales Police and/or the NSW Crime Commission. I don't know, and when I rang Australian Government ministers Anthony Albanese and Brendan O'Connor to find out (yesterday), both highly paid servants of the public ran as fast as their little legs could carry them from my simple question. So please liaise with each other on the issue, and sort it out between yourselves.

Briefly, criminal QANTAS baggage handler Easton Barrington James was under formal police surveillance for 6 months in 2005/6, but bizarrely his serious criminal record remained hidden. Is that an acceptable standard in this day and age? What the hell was going on? Could you please investigate this serious matter, and report back to both me, and the Australian public.

Regards, Kim