Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Mike Gallacher, Your Personal Intervention is Required

(First page Google search results for Mike Gallacher here, which include a direct link to this blog post) - Addit July 2011, looks like Mike Gallacher's as bent as a nine bob note

Dear Mike,

Congratulations on your new appointment, and congratulations on your promised inquiry into the NSW Crime Commission . . . (full article here)
"Maybe Bradley, now 59, sees the writing on the wall; a new government is likely only weeks away. The opposition's police spokesman, Michael Gallacher, called for a royal commission in 2008. 'The culture of the crime commission has moved away from what we want,' he told Parliament. 'Far too often it is about sitting down with organised crime figures and negotiating an outcome with respect to the forfeiture or seizure of assets.'

Also in Parliament, Bradley's former colleague from the Commonwealth prosecutors' office, Greg Smith, the shadow attorney-general, agreed: 'The commissioner of the Crime Commission is a friend of mine and I mean no aspersion to him, but it is clear that something rotten has occurred in the Crime Commission for some time.' "
. . . because even up here in Queensland, I can smell the stench.

I also note that Mark Standen, former Assistant Commissioner to the NSW Crime Commission is currently on trial, after Phillip Bradley his boss failed to detect any problems. I'm also glad to hear that Phillip Bradley has recently pulled his horns in, re the silencing of democratic dissent.

Now, you need to ponder the issues I'm bringing to your attention very carefully, because they're extremely high profile and popular, the book and doco (out soon) will rip through the corrupt like a tsunami and Schapelle sells copy faster than hotcakes. Denial is no longer an option, and you will be prominently mentioned - honourably or dishonourably is entirely your choice.

As you know, Mark Standen was in charge of Operation Mocha, involving corrupt baggage handlers at Sydney Airport, when (p 42) Schapelle flew. This was also the day Standen failed to secure a single frame of CCTV in relation to their activities (neglecting police basics, while later indulging in the bizarre). These scroats imported over 200 kilos of cocaine in the bags of innocent passengers between June and December 2004. They were involved in this crime on the exact day Schapelle departed, and at the exact time. One of them, Mark Standen's informant buddy "Tom" had a huge criminal history (as did others), including the trafficking of marijuana. However, "Tom" escaped prosecution, and was later paid $800,000 by the NSW Crime Commission (and allowed to keep three quarters of a million dollars of his criminal earnings), after he threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police.

So was Mark Standen the corrupt officer at the centre of this extraordinary generosity? Was "Tom" paid off to keep his mouth shut about Mark? And who leaked vital information about Operation Mocha to gangsters, because it was not Gerry Fletcher? Why has that never been investigated? I also note your 2008 comments about Mark Standen (from Stateline) . . .
MIKE GALLACHER, OPPOSITION POLICE SPOKESMAN: This position that Mark Standen held carried with it incredible access to information that, apart from the Commissioner himself - the Commissioner of the Crime Commission - virtually no one else would have access to. Informants - registered informants. The names, addresses, whereabouts of undercover police officers involved in covert operations; the details of covert operations not only in New South Wales in relation to organised crime, but indeed the tentacles spread to every state and even overseas. That's when it really dawned on me - the seriousness of what we were looking at.

QUENTIN DEMPSTER: Mike Gallacher, a former undercover and internal affairs police officer, is now Opposition Police Spokesman.

The Crime Commissioner Phillip Bradley in his press conference said - asserted - that this was a one-off incident. Do you accept that?

MIKE GALLACHER: Well, I think it's a fairly brave statement to make at such an early stage given the seriousness of what we're talking about. I mean, in the last 24 to 48 hours, since Mr Bradley made that statement, we've now had it revealed that Mr Standon has a relationship or has had a relationship with someone who now plays a very important role as a member of an assessment team looking at complaints about corruption at the ICAC. We've also been told that another member of staff down at the Crime Commission has since resigned upon being told about the allegations. So, from one person of interest, we know have three questions over personnel directly involved with the Crime Commissioner and also the ICAC.
And please note, the NSW Police Integrity Commission has just formally refused to investigate the potential links between corrupt baggage handlers and corrupt police, despite my complaint, and despite the horrific consequences of inaction. Further, I've just formally asked them to explain the basis of their refusal (because they don't appear overworked), and I'm still awaiting a reply from them on that.

Look forward to hearing from you Mike.

All the best, Kim