Friday, April 15, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The Myth of the "Cheap" Bali Holiday, Wotif Confirms Australia's Cheaper

Now, how much is it worth not to poo in your pants? Priceless? The term "Bali belly" is so familiar because, well, it's so familiar (affecting up to 50% of all tourists to Bali, as confirmed by the Centre for Disease Control, USA) . . . but it's not exactly the makings of a great holiday when you're crippled with stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting because of the sewage and garbage. And of course, if you're taking kids, it's bad enough to suffer yourself, but it's much more painful (and dangerous), to see them sick. And want some other news? Aussie tourists are paying over the odds for the privilege. I did some research on Wotif. Did you know it's safer, cleaner and CHEAPER to holiday in the sub-tropics (at home), by some of the World's most beautiful beaches? And you don't even have to worry about getting threatened and ripped off by corrupt cops and courts (which can get very expensive, just ask Michelle's mum and Dad, or trade unionist Robert McJannett), in the most corrupt nation in SE Asia.

That startling fact will be very firmly underlined in the coming book, along with all the other problems related to spending your money in Bali.

I took a random sample of Gold Coast (Australian) accommodation, e.g. 51 places available here on Saturday 16th April (starting from the top of the list), and the exact same random sample from Bali (not including Bali's "Mystery" hotels, there's no way I'm buying sight unseen) - and guess what? The mean average price for the Gold Coast was $AU232, while it was $AU303 for Bali. Go figure. Here's the sample preserved for posterity (I took screen grabs), though you could try the same experiment yourselves (and don't forget to convert US dollars to Aussie dollars):