Monday, April 11, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Philip Bradley & Andrew Scipione, Did You Share in $65 Million Worth of Cocaine?

Dear Andrew and Phillip,

I sent a formal complaint to both of you over four weeks ago, at the suggestion of the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission. You have completely ignored that correspondence. Please respond.

It appears that a police informer (and Qantas porter) with a torrid criminal history, involved in importing 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia via Sydney Airport in 2004 (around $65 million dollars worth, according official figures), was paid $800,000 and allowed to keep three quarters of a million dollars of his criminal earnings, after he threatened to expose corrupt police - and none of his criminal mates (bag handlers Norm & Easton to name just two), were ever busted either. Ten kilos of this was imported into Australia, in the luggage of an innocent passenger, on the exact day (and at the exact time), Schapelle flew.

Amazingly, the NSW Police Integrity Commission doesn't think this is "Important" enough for them to investigate, though I've asked them some formal questions about their priorities and I'm keeping the British press informed.

And even more bizarrely, the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity believes in Invisible Men/Bag Handlers too, as per their recent letter. Though I'm hoping my further questions might help to clarify their rather weird beliefs.

So, Andrew and Phillip, other than gross police corruption going to the highest levels, can you please explain how millions of dollars worth of cocaine entered Australia, in the bags of innocent airline passengers, without one Qantas baggage handler ever facing the music? It's a question you need to answer, because the World is watching.

So my formal complaint is here, now passed over to you, for reasons explained above.

Regards, Kim