Saturday, April 2, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Why is Jerrold Cripps Refusing to Investigate Terrorism Links?


Dear Jerrold,

Firstly, here are the front page Google search results for you and the Integrity Commission.

Now to continue, within the coming publication, there will be a complete section devoted to the inaction of your organisation, hence the need for these questions, and complete accuracy.

It seems to me that your decision not to investigate the potential links between corrupt airport staff, and corrupt New South Wales Police, as per my complaint of February 2011, is completely out of line with community expectations of what's urgent, and what's not. In the aftermath of the Lockerbie disaster, not to mention 9/11, such complacency is breathtaking. Neither does your organisation appear overworked, recommending only four prosecutions, out of a budget of around 22 million dollars, in the last financial year. That's an incredible five million dollars (plus), per recommendation. I'd also direct you to the graphic comments of our present Attorney General, Robert McClelland, in May 2005, re the potential links between terrorism in the skies and corruption. So do you inhabit a different planet to the rest of us? One where millions of dollars can be spent for very little result, and a plane falling out of the sky is of no consequence?

Further, since you rejected my complaint, yet another Qantas criminal, just like Easton Barrington James, and "Tom," has crawled out of the sewer, a Norman Niass. God knows how many years he put passengers at risk, considering his lengthy criminal record. How the hell did that happen in New South Wales Jerrold? And why was the news deliberately kept from the Australian public? And out of the press, at the exact time an innocent tourist was fighting for her life? Just how many bent and blind coppers are you protecting south of the border? And how many NSW crooks and gangsters are getting paid out to the tune of millions, as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald of the 12th February 2011?

So what kind of bizarre World do you live in, where you think you can run away from this depraved reality forever? Only last month, New Idea magazine pointed out the gross discrepancies in Schapelle's conviction to nearly 1.5 million readers, and your fate is sealed. It's frightening, nothing has changed.

So Jerrold, could you please explain, in detail, why this urgent issue is not "Important" enough for you to investigate. In other words, what boxes on your criteria (and sound risk management policy), does this complaint fail to tick? I look forward to your considered response in due course, and I'll send you (and the rest of the World), a formal reminder in four weeks, if I hear nothing in the interim.

Regards, Kim