Saturday, May 21, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Seven Year Itch . . .

Schapelle flew with Qantas, to Bali, on 8 October 2004, nearly (but not quite), seven years ago. And the "Not quite" is crucial. I wonder what will come first, the common sense and compassionate release of an innocent woman - or high profile civil action Australia's national airline, backed with thousands and thousands of pages evidence, and a list of witnesses (both direct and expert), even longer than "Tom's" criminal record . . .

Friday, May 20, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Kerry Stokes, Do You Support the Lies & Fraud of Your Staff?

Page 1 of the current Google search results (blogs), for Kerry Stokes.

Dear Kerry,

I note Mercedes has already proved her point when it comes to your media empire. Not a good look for you though, is it? So please treat this a formal complaint directly to yourself, and request for an investigation, re a similar matter.

Here's my formal complaint to the Editor of The West Australian, Brett McCarthy, which he is currently ignoring, and here's the response I received to-day from The Press Council, so I hope Brett's not planning to ignore Jack Herman too.

Further, I rang The West Australian three more times to-day (asking for my right of reply, re this article about me), without result. Though the staff in Brett McCarthy's office were polite and professional, they did not know what was happening re my concerns, and were unable to give me any more information. I also asked if someone (who was more informed), could call me back, but no-one did.

When I called back the third time (around 2pm), Brett's staff suggested I should speak directly to journalist Gary Adshead, and they put me through to him. I politely asked when I would be getting a formal response to my concerns, and also asked if he could refer to his "Sent" email folder, simply click "Forward," and thus send me the email he claimed to have sent me on the 13 May 2011. I explained I could then forward it to computer forensics expert Monica Jessup, to get her opinion, as an electronic search of my email account clearly showed I received no email from Gary Adshead on 13 May 2011. But Gary . . .

1. Said I would not be getting any formal response (at all), from The West Australian Newspaper re my concerns, and that both he and his editor had decided to ignore me completely.

2. Told me that the newspaper would not give me a right of reply to his misleading article about me, even though I had not been contacted about it in an appropriate and timely manner, and it appears Gary's claims re his email may be fraudulent.

3. Point blank (and without explanation), refused my request to directly forward his claimed email of 13 May 2011 (as explained above).

4. Was personally abusive and insulting towards me.

So after his verbal assault, and complete non-cooperation, I'm afraid I lost my temper and called him an "Arrogant little shit."

I then called Brett McCarthy's office again, and spoke to "Vicky," who was perfectly polite, friendly and appropriate. I apologised for losing my temper with Gary Adshead, explained what had happened, and asked for the following . . .

1. A formal response to my concerns.

2. A right of reply.

3. The email Gary Adshead claimed to have sent me on 13 May 2011, directly forwarded from his "Sent" folder.

Vicky explained she'd taken note of my concerns, and would pass them on to Brett McCarthy. I thanked her for that.

Briefly Kerry, as suggested in Jack Herman's letter, I'm simply seeking a mediated solution, and a straightforward right of reply would be acceptable to me. However, I consider your newspaper has grossly misrepresented me, and I will take appropriate legal action if push comes to shove, and Jack Herman's swift and appropriate efforts are fruitless. In that case, my requests (above, point 3), for the simple, direct evidence I need will be backed with a subpoena - and I'll be providing computer forensics expert Monica Jessup with everything she needs to examine my email account (and anything else she asks for). Obviously, that report will be entered into evidence.

I look forward to hearing from you Kerry. Regards, Kim.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Schapelle Corby, The West Australian & Facebook

Click on the pic to enlarge & read. Comments here too . . .

Talking about flying, it's seems I was just given a prominent mention in a recent edition of The West Australian, by their journo Gary Adshead. Gary didn't bother to contact me (at all), before putting my name in lights, and the article should really have been about airport corruption, and Qantas baggage handlers with criminal records longer than your arm - but Gary didn't mention any of that. So here's a bit more background

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to Brett McCarthy, Editor of The West Australian


ADDIT 17 MAY 2011 - I received an email reply from Gary Adshead to-day. Here's my further response to Brett McCarthy (also containing links to Gary's correspondence) - and I still require a public right of reply ASAP, as required by the Press Council's statement of principles (point 3). ADDIT 18 MAY 2011 - I rang Brett McCarthy's office around 1450 hours (Western Australian time), and his secretary confirmed they'd received this latest info. I asked about getting my "Right of reply," but she was unable to give me any information about it, or advise when I'd hear. I pointed out that (according to Press Council standards), it has to be granted in a timely manner. I told her that if I hear nothing in the interim, I'd call her again tomorrow (19 May 2011), around about the same time. ADDIT 19 MAY 2011 - There are suggestions the email Gary Adshead (The West Australian journalist), claimed to have sent me on the 13 May 2011 may be fake, and retrospectively constructed. Here's the further correspondence I've just sent Brett McCarthy (editor of The West Australian), in regard to that. ADDIT 20 MAY 2011 - here

Click on the image above for detail about Brett McCarthy, editor of The West Australian, his journalist Gary Adshead and an extract from the Press Council's "Statement of Principles." Now here's my formal complaint to Brett McCarthy, cc The Press Council . . .

Good morning Brett,

I must admit, as a lowly nurse with no public aspirations and a non-commercial, humble blog, I was a bit surprised (and mildly amused), to see my name in lights in your newspaper. Was it a slow news week?

I was even more surprised, because your journalist Gary Adshead (author of the piece), made no attempt to contact me (to provide balanced input), even though I'm not exactly hard to find. That's quite bizarre, as I'm the focus of his comments - and as you can see, that omission is in complete contravention of the Press Council's statement of principles. So I'm now politely requesting my equally prominent right of reply.

As Gary pointed out, I likened Schapelle's case to the travesty of Lindy Chamberlain's conviction - though he completely ignored many other salient details, so I think the public record needs some balance and correction.

I look forward to hearing from you Brett.

All the best, Kim

PS - I've already sent Gary Adshead a reply. Not exactly Mensa material, is he?

PPS - Seems Google likes this blog post (page one of results), and on page one of blogs too.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Seems the Truth Hurts . . .

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Seems I've achieved some fame for this humble little blog and Women for Schapelle. I guess a lot more people will be dropping in now to see what all the fuss is about. Ta, it's about time a lot more people learnt the truth. And the truth must be very, very scary to certain business interests, considering the press are happy to mention me by name, but failed to contact me for comment or feedback. What's the problem Gary Adshead? Did you get your degree off of the back of a cornflake packet . .
1. Report and interpret honestly, striving for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts. Do not suppress relevant available facts, or give distorting emphasis. Do your utmost to give a fair opportunity for reply.
. . . because speaking as a lowly nurse (who couldn't care less if she's mentioned in the press or not), if I discharged my professional obligations the way you do, my patients would die like flies. It's lucky for the public you don't you have a real job.

And let's face it, when you upset The West Australian, you know you're doing something right.

So, as this blog now has a much wider audience (can I come round to shake your hand Gary?), I suppose it's OK to tell all the new readers about the criminal Qantas baggage handlers, like Norman Niass, Easton Barrington James and "Tom," who smuggled 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004, using innocent passengers as drug mules (in cahoots with a director of the bank that still owns the airport) - and I guess it's also OK to tell them about the $800,000 "Tom" was paid by the NSW Government (and he got to keep three quarters of a million dollars of his criminal earnings), when he threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police?

And let's also tell everyone how none of the criminal Qantas baggage handlers were ever sentenced (page 42), despite their admitted crimes. Strange that.

Is it also OK to tell all the new readers about Ray Coopers comments, plus the unfortunate death of Australian Protective Services officer Gary Lee Rogers, and the scathing verdict of senior customs officer Allan Kessing?

Because you know something Gary Adshead, when the Australian press doesn't do its job, the Australian people have to do it for them.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Schapelle Corby & John Quiggin

ADDIT - Here's John's completely hollow (and intellectually vacuous), response, that does not address a single piece of the information he's been given (the link also includes my further questions). I've asked him to back up his unsupported assertion about Schapelle's trial, but I won't hold my breathe waiting. Blind prejudice isn't rational, even though lawyer Roger A Smith, at Civil Liberties Australia (also expert in Indonesian law) agrees that Schapelle's trial was a sham. ADDIT - a further reply from John Quiggin 15 May 2011 & my response. ADDIT - Another reply from John Quiggin & my response. John Quiggin also says (here), he does not support the death penalty for drug smuggling in Indonesia and thinks the penalty inflicted on Schapelle was too severe.

One of the things that really, really annoys me is ill-informed comment from people you expect to know better. The other thing is how the same people that support David Hicks and Julian Assange (and know those subjects better than the proverbial duck's bottom), can't be bothered to inform themselves about Schapelle, then feel completely comfortable to take aim at her whenever the fancy strikes. It stinks of misogyny to me. Ann Summers was right. So let's get some fact straight . . .

Schapelle is gravely ill, and may die if she does not come home soon.

She is an honest woman, with a clean record.

There is not a shred of evidence against her admissible in any Australian court - and for very obvious economic reasons, a flow of marijuana FROM Australia TO Indonesia does not exist, and never has.

Indonesian terrorists, murderers, head-chopping child killers, drug dealing prison bosses and other major drug criminals are all doing (or have done) far less time than Schapelle.

On the exact day (and the exact time), Schapelle flew, Sydney Airport Qantas baggage handlers (with criminal records longer than your arm), helped to import 10 kilos of cocaine in the bags of an unwitting airline passenger. Between June and December 2004, they imported over $65 million worth of the drug this way, in cahoots with an Ian Robert Chalmers. He was a director of Macquarie Bank, who own the air terminal. This was also the day every shred of CCTV footage (and X-ray imagery), that Schapelle begged for "Vanished" without explanation.

None of the criminal baggage handlers (like Norman Niass and Easton Barrington James) were ever sentenced (page 42), and one was paid $800,000 (and allowed to keep three quarters of a million dollars of his criminal earnings), when he threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police. The former Head of Internal Investigations (of the AFP), openly accused his colleagues of corruption - and Allan Kessing unequivocally said Schapelle was the victim of airport corruption. Also, other passengers have found drugs of unknown origin in their luggage after flying from Australia to Bali (an account confirmed by former minister Alexander Downer, page 2).

Now, have I missed anything? Just a couple of thing maybe, the very senior cop in charge of "Watching" those criminal Qantas baggage handlers is now on remand in jail, on very serious drug charges - and there was no Australian police investigation into the Australian source of the drugs found in Schapelle's bag.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Miranda Devine Protects Australian Drug Criminals

Click on the image above to enlarge and read.

In this article of 12 May 2011, Miranda Devine describes the people who were demanding Schapelle's death as "Mums and Dad." Yeah right Miranda, really? They look more like bought and paid for young toughs to me. But why would you trust Miranda to get it right anyway? She conveniently forgets to mention that most of the Bali bombers are free, plus the Indonesian men who beheaded three kids on their way to school only got 14 years, the Bali robber who stabbed Australian Heidi Murphy 37 times (killing her), only got 15, and the Bali prison boss who dealt in drugs got off with 4 years (when he was facing a minimum of 20). She also fails to mention how Indonesians are regularly treated far more leniently than Schapelle in their own country.

She's also silent on . . .

Monday, May 9, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Exposing The Millionaires Factory on Google

Click on the picture to enlarge and read.

The Women for Schapelle blog post is the first result, on the first page in Google blog searches.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Schapelle Corby - QANTAS Throws Down A Challenge To Name Their Criminals

PS to the below, here's a screen grab of the Google search results for Qantas (first page), as of Monday 9 May 2011.

Click on the pic to enlarge and read, and here's the 7 May 2011 article, where Qantas slams their unions for merely repeating what other senior people have said for years.

No worries Qantas, you'll have your name in lights and the information you asked for very, very soon . . . including . . .

Friday, May 6, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Exposing The Reality

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This is not something I really wanted to give such graphic treatment, given the extreme distress of Mercedes and the rest of Schapelle's family - but I think it's more than obvious that those in key roles are clueless and completely dismissive re Schapelle's illness. However, if she kills herself in a squalid Indonesian hell hole, after such graphic and high profile warnings to the Australian public, while Indonesian murderers, terrorists, child killers and drug-dealing prison bosses get off with a slap on wrist, there will be hell to pay. A wake-up call is badly needed.

I'd also like to educate Ross Taylor, because of his interest in health issues (and no Ross, this isn't another attack, more like some friendly advice - please take it in that spirit). It's also clear that while there may be Indonesian nationals in Australian prisons, unlike Australians incarcerated in Indonesia, they are fed a good and varied diet (for free), they are provided with the necessities (and extras) of daily living and given complete medical care - which includes free access to professional psychiatric and dental treatment. And under no circumstances are they forcibly exhibited to the World's media, or made to endure humiliating public commentary by unqualified jail staff.

Schapelle is currently hanging by a thread because of a barely treated mental illness, after a trial that violated all the fundamental principles of justice (with recent exposure of that travesty in New Idea), and her teeth are rotting away because she's not been allowed to see a dentist in over three years. Also, her family pay for (and physically provide) all her food and medications, because without that, she'd get nothing but rancid white rice, no medical treatment at all and a painful death due nutritional deficiencies and/or illness. She's also put on show to the media pack and hunted down like an animal on a regular basis, and unqualified jail staff are allowed to make public comments about her medical problems (all sacking offences in this country). I think Indonesia would have grounds for protest if their citizens were treated the same way here. Further, as mental health nurse (registered since 1978), and with long term experience in acute psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and corrections, I know what I'm writing about.

Psychotic depression is a real medical illness just as lethal and debilitating as cancer, and the derisory and ill informed way Schapelle's life threatening condition has been treated in the Australian media is nothing short of squalid, ignorant and shameful.

Here's some education about the condition on You Tube. I also suggest that Ross, who despite my recent acid comments, I also credit with some compassion and common sense, picks up the phone to chat with Dr. Jonathon Phillips about the seriousness of the situation. Obviously, the doctor cannot break confidentiality, but I'm sure he could provide general information about the extreme gravity of an untreated depressive psychosis.

Schapelle Corby - Exposing the Criminality at Macquarie Bank & The Silence of Nicholas Moore

Click on the image to enlarge and read. It's part of this project.

While the story of Ian Robert Chalmers is in the public domain, the deeply disturbing connections have not (as yet), been underlined in the public consciousness. They will be.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Ross Taylor, Indonesia's Golden Boy

Here's a rundown on Ross Taylor's flow of filthy lucre from Indonesia (thanks to Dianne Frola), including importing low-wage workers to compete with Australians, and here's his recent public comments about Schapelle, brilliantly shredded (not to mention cut to pieces), by Sergio Zaza (a long time supporter of Schapelle, professionally qualified and with a mind like a steel trap for detail and history), after information supplied by the passionate and committed Sonja Gribble. Well, I guess with over 2,700 friends of Schapelle on Facebook (not to mention the dozens of other groups with thousands of members), we do a very nice line in effective teamwork. And here's a sharp dose of reality for some dumb and complacent fat cats . . .

The documentary (already in the can overseas), will take the World by storm, as will the book.

Nearly 85% of Australians want Schapelle home now.

Over 62% think she's innocent.

There are some full page news ads just waiting in the wings.

Bali is expensive, filthy, diseased and dangerous - and Aussies are getting very peed off with the place.

It's official, Indonesia is the the most corrupt country in SE Asia.

Just over six weeks ago, Schapelle was on the front page of New Idea yet again, with articles that tore the lid off of Indonesian corruption and cruelty. There is a readership of almost 1.5 million - and women make most of the holiday decisions. This continual publicity will not stop, because Schapelle sells copy like hot cakes, and even trumped Julia Gillard in the same week Australia had its first female PM.

Ross Taylor and his cronies would run a mile from honest questions, because Kevin Rudd and Greg Moriarty are already blanking inquiries re justice, terrorism and crime as they relate to Schapelle. No worries though, they'll continue to get reminders and phone calls (publicly documented), for as long as it takes.

PS Ross, here's the first page of your Google search results with this blog post topping the links, and here's information on the pack of hyenas that tortured Lindy Chamberlain.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Beautiful Song for a Beautiful Woman, Inside and Out

A new song for Schapelle, performed by Gary Davies, written by Ivan Leuscher, video by Diane Frola.

Time to free an innocent woman.