Friday, May 6, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Exposing The Reality

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This is not something I really wanted to give such graphic treatment, given the extreme distress of Mercedes and the rest of Schapelle's family - but I think it's more than obvious that those in key roles are clueless and completely dismissive re Schapelle's illness. However, if she kills herself in a squalid Indonesian hell hole, after such graphic and high profile warnings to the Australian public, while Indonesian murderers, terrorists, child killers and drug-dealing prison bosses get off with a slap on wrist, there will be hell to pay. A wake-up call is badly needed.

I'd also like to educate Ross Taylor, because of his interest in health issues (and no Ross, this isn't another attack, more like some friendly advice - please take it in that spirit). It's also clear that while there may be Indonesian nationals in Australian prisons, unlike Australians incarcerated in Indonesia, they are fed a good and varied diet (for free), they are provided with the necessities (and extras) of daily living and given complete medical care - which includes free access to professional psychiatric and dental treatment. And under no circumstances are they forcibly exhibited to the World's media, or made to endure humiliating public commentary by unqualified jail staff.

Schapelle is currently hanging by a thread because of a barely treated mental illness, after a trial that violated all the fundamental principles of justice (with recent exposure of that travesty in New Idea), and her teeth are rotting away because she's not been allowed to see a dentist in over three years. Also, her family pay for (and physically provide) all her food and medications, because without that, she'd get nothing but rancid white rice, no medical treatment at all and a painful death due nutritional deficiencies and/or illness. She's also put on show to the media pack and hunted down like an animal on a regular basis, and unqualified jail staff are allowed to make public comments about her medical problems (all sacking offences in this country). I think Indonesia would have grounds for protest if their citizens were treated the same way here. Further, as mental health nurse (registered since 1978), and with long term experience in acute psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and corrections, I know what I'm writing about.

Psychotic depression is a real medical illness just as lethal and debilitating as cancer, and the derisory and ill informed way Schapelle's life threatening condition has been treated in the Australian media is nothing short of squalid, ignorant and shameful.

Here's some education about the condition on You Tube. I also suggest that Ross, who despite my recent acid comments, I also credit with some compassion and common sense, picks up the phone to chat with Dr. Jonathon Phillips about the seriousness of the situation. Obviously, the doctor cannot break confidentiality, but I'm sure he could provide general information about the extreme gravity of an untreated depressive psychosis.