Monday, May 16, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to Brett McCarthy, Editor of The West Australian


ADDIT 17 MAY 2011 - I received an email reply from Gary Adshead to-day. Here's my further response to Brett McCarthy (also containing links to Gary's correspondence) - and I still require a public right of reply ASAP, as required by the Press Council's statement of principles (point 3). ADDIT 18 MAY 2011 - I rang Brett McCarthy's office around 1450 hours (Western Australian time), and his secretary confirmed they'd received this latest info. I asked about getting my "Right of reply," but she was unable to give me any information about it, or advise when I'd hear. I pointed out that (according to Press Council standards), it has to be granted in a timely manner. I told her that if I hear nothing in the interim, I'd call her again tomorrow (19 May 2011), around about the same time. ADDIT 19 MAY 2011 - There are suggestions the email Gary Adshead (The West Australian journalist), claimed to have sent me on the 13 May 2011 may be fake, and retrospectively constructed. Here's the further correspondence I've just sent Brett McCarthy (editor of The West Australian), in regard to that. ADDIT 20 MAY 2011 - here

Click on the image above for detail about Brett McCarthy, editor of The West Australian, his journalist Gary Adshead and an extract from the Press Council's "Statement of Principles." Now here's my formal complaint to Brett McCarthy, cc The Press Council . . .

Good morning Brett,

I must admit, as a lowly nurse with no public aspirations and a non-commercial, humble blog, I was a bit surprised (and mildly amused), to see my name in lights in your newspaper. Was it a slow news week?

I was even more surprised, because your journalist Gary Adshead (author of the piece), made no attempt to contact me (to provide balanced input), even though I'm not exactly hard to find. That's quite bizarre, as I'm the focus of his comments - and as you can see, that omission is in complete contravention of the Press Council's statement of principles. So I'm now politely requesting my equally prominent right of reply.

As Gary pointed out, I likened Schapelle's case to the travesty of Lindy Chamberlain's conviction - though he completely ignored many other salient details, so I think the public record needs some balance and correction.

I look forward to hearing from you Brett.

All the best, Kim

PS - I've already sent Gary Adshead a reply. Not exactly Mensa material, is he?

PPS - Seems Google likes this blog post (page one of results), and on page one of blogs too.