Friday, May 20, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Kerry Stokes, Do You Support the Lies & Fraud of Your Staff?

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Dear Kerry,

I note Mercedes has already proved her point when it comes to your media empire. Not a good look for you though, is it? So please treat this a formal complaint directly to yourself, and request for an investigation, re a similar matter.

Here's my formal complaint to the Editor of The West Australian, Brett McCarthy, which he is currently ignoring, and here's the response I received to-day from The Press Council, so I hope Brett's not planning to ignore Jack Herman too.

Further, I rang The West Australian three more times to-day (asking for my right of reply, re this article about me), without result. Though the staff in Brett McCarthy's office were polite and professional, they did not know what was happening re my concerns, and were unable to give me any more information. I also asked if someone (who was more informed), could call me back, but no-one did.

When I called back the third time (around 2pm), Brett's staff suggested I should speak directly to journalist Gary Adshead, and they put me through to him. I politely asked when I would be getting a formal response to my concerns, and also asked if he could refer to his "Sent" email folder, simply click "Forward," and thus send me the email he claimed to have sent me on the 13 May 2011. I explained I could then forward it to computer forensics expert Monica Jessup, to get her opinion, as an electronic search of my email account clearly showed I received no email from Gary Adshead on 13 May 2011. But Gary . . .

1. Said I would not be getting any formal response (at all), from The West Australian Newspaper re my concerns, and that both he and his editor had decided to ignore me completely.

2. Told me that the newspaper would not give me a right of reply to his misleading article about me, even though I had not been contacted about it in an appropriate and timely manner, and it appears Gary's claims re his email may be fraudulent.

3. Point blank (and without explanation), refused my request to directly forward his claimed email of 13 May 2011 (as explained above).

4. Was personally abusive and insulting towards me.

So after his verbal assault, and complete non-cooperation, I'm afraid I lost my temper and called him an "Arrogant little shit."

I then called Brett McCarthy's office again, and spoke to "Vicky," who was perfectly polite, friendly and appropriate. I apologised for losing my temper with Gary Adshead, explained what had happened, and asked for the following . . .

1. A formal response to my concerns.

2. A right of reply.

3. The email Gary Adshead claimed to have sent me on 13 May 2011, directly forwarded from his "Sent" folder.

Vicky explained she'd taken note of my concerns, and would pass them on to Brett McCarthy. I thanked her for that.

Briefly Kerry, as suggested in Jack Herman's letter, I'm simply seeking a mediated solution, and a straightforward right of reply would be acceptable to me. However, I consider your newspaper has grossly misrepresented me, and I will take appropriate legal action if push comes to shove, and Jack Herman's swift and appropriate efforts are fruitless. In that case, my requests (above, point 3), for the simple, direct evidence I need will be backed with a subpoena - and I'll be providing computer forensics expert Monica Jessup with everything she needs to examine my email account (and anything else she asks for). Obviously, that report will be entered into evidence.

I look forward to hearing from you Kerry. Regards, Kim.