Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Miranda Devine Protects Australian Drug Criminals

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In this article of 12 May 2011, Miranda Devine describes the people who were demanding Schapelle's death as "Mums and Dad." Yeah right Miranda, really? They look more like bought and paid for young toughs to me. But why would you trust Miranda to get it right anyway? She conveniently forgets to mention that most of the Bali bombers are free, plus the Indonesian men who beheaded three kids on their way to school only got 14 years, the Bali robber who stabbed Australian Heidi Murphy 37 times (killing her), only got 15, and the Bali prison boss who dealt in drugs got off with 4 years (when he was facing a minimum of 20). She also fails to mention how Indonesians are regularly treated far more leniently than Schapelle in their own country.

She's also silent on . . .