Thursday, July 28, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Graphic Reminder to The Australian Office of Transport Security

Click on the picture to enlarge and read, and here's the audio of my formal complaint about this to Australian Office of Transport Security (in July 2011), with the written follow-up complaint here. Below, another reminder letter to Mr. Paul Retter, head of that department . . .

Dear Paul,

I note your promise to provide a response to these very important matters within 10 working days, and also note that (at the time of writing), you are several days behind schedule on that undertaking. I look forward to your comprehensive reply within a reasonable and timely schedule (given the utmost seriousness of this matter).

Could you also (please), ask the Australian Federal Police why they never arrested or charged any of the Qantas baggage handlers they quite openly refer to here . . .

"In 2005, an AFP/NSW Crime Commission operation resulted in the arrest of members of another cocaine syndicate who were using BAGGAGE HANDLERS to remove imported cocaine from Sydney Airport."

Quote from the “Submission of The Australian Federal Police, to The PJC-ACC Inquiry into the Adequacy of Aviation and Maritime Security Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime," November 2009.

. . . because last time I looked, this type of activity was (and is), a crime - at least, it is in the UK. Are there different rules in this country? Hopefully, you might have better luck liaising with Australian Federal Police on this matter, as when I try to ask them questions about it, they either hang up in my ear, ignore my correspondence, or threaten to have me carted away. So with any luck Paul you might get an answer from them, just before they put you in a straightjacket for asking the damn obvious.

I would also draw your attention to our meeting with Senator Claire Moore yesterday (which will remain confidential, as per our promise to Claire). She is now privy to certain information (as per this brief comment from People for Schapelle). So can I suggest that if you wish to avoid appearing like a complete lunatic (or completely corrupt), to the entire World, you need to explain ASAP how and why the Australian airport criminals/baggage handlers who (as openly admitted by the AFP), imported over 200 kilos of cocaine into this country (including during the exact hours that Schapelle flew), didn't end up in the slammer where they most certainly belong.

Regards, Kim

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Is Brett McCarthy, Editor of The West Australian, Clueless or Corrupt?


I spoke directly to Brett McCarthy to-day, re this complaint. Seems the West Australian newspaper wants me to sign something protecting them from all legal action before they'll respond. I told them I'll consider my options, right after I've scanned the documents asking for that waiver, and posted them to the web for the World to see. I also asked Brett (directly), why his newspaper had NEVER reported on the highly newsworthy facts here, here and here (re Schapelle). And guess what, he was speechless, the man didn't have a clue . . .

Schapelle Corby - Earth Calling the Australia Indonesia Business Council


Click on the picture above to enlarge and read the latest puff piece in The West Australian . . .

So here's Earth calling the Australia Indonesia Business Council with a sharp dose of reality . . .
  • There's a massive new global project (completed), that will (firstly) increase that support in huge leaps and bounds, and secondly, expose the squalid corruption of all Governments involved - to a national audience, as well as a World one. The insider information, new revelations and graphic exposure of well hidden facts (that the squalid, incestuous Aussie media refuses to touch), will sicken anyone with a sliver of intelligence.
  • Googling any of these terms . . .
Kevin Rudd Indonesia

Greg Moriarty

Ross Taylor Indonesia

Brett McCarthy West Australian

Amanda Wilson Sydney Morning Herald
. . . exposes the corruption surrounding the Schapelle case on the very first page of all results.
  • The West Australian employs lying, corrupt journalists like Gary Adshead who send fraudulent emails, and I'm following this matter up with Press Council later to-day. And neither the WA (or Gary Adshead), can challenge that overt public statement - because I have the forensic evidence to prove it. Just another fact to add the putrid cover up, eh? You're so bloody scared of the truth your can't afford to give me a "Right of reply," because it would decimate you.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The Truth is Coming Out & Nothing Can Stop It. A Letter to Julia Gillard Et Al

Click on the picture above to enlarge and read. It's a first draft of a full page news ad, to run in every Federal seat held (by either party) on a margin of 3% or less. The link publicised in that ad goes HERE. Below, there's a letter about this very important issue just faxed to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and some other key players . . .

I am sending each of you a copy of the draft full-page news ad, set to run in your most marginal seats. I also want to be completely fair. So could you please respond ASAP (in writing), if you wish to dispute any of the reported facts. If you want to do so, it would be convenient (and transparent), if you could could quote the passage in question, and provide relevant documentary evidence at the same time. So I am formally asking you to do that.

You'll also note that the ad publicises a web link, and an email address. The web link goes directly to information that exposes Federal Government avoidance of this issue (amongst other key facts), and the email address will allow interested individuals to instantly access news about the massive new project, set to expose Australian airport corruption (and the associated cover-up) on a Global scale. I feel Senator Claire Moore may well (with luck), be hearing more about this on Wednesday 27th July 2011.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - Translating Schapelle's Global Support Into Acute Australian Electoral Pain

Click on the picture above to enlarge and read (a screen grab from the Facebook page of Woman's Day NZ). Here's the live comments it contained . . .
Schapelle Corby - The inside story that will shock you http://secretqantas.blogspot.c​om/

Join People for Schapelle here . . .​opleForSchapelleCorby
And the numbers on both Women for Schapelle and People for Schapelle (and various other support groups managed by the same admins), are rising, very, very rapidly as members invite their friends to join.

So here's what's happening, posts like the above will be appearing all over Facebook, Globally, in a wide variety of relevant forums (and in key electoral Facebook forums, like Jimboomba in Forde) - and that Global support will (very soon), translate into acute electoral pain for an Australian Government hanging by a thread. Watch this space closely for the low down on how and why Schapelle's supporters all around the World are going to have an extremely big influence in the land down under . . .

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Australia's Attorney General Robert McLelland Trashes His Promises to the Australian People and Schapelle

Listen to to-day's phone call to Robert HERE, and read all the latest too.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Senator Claire Moore Agrees to a Meeting

Dear Claire,

Thank you very much. That meeting will be fine. To give you some advance warning, and time to research and prepare, here are the questions I want to ask. The embedded links should provide you with the necessary background references . . .

1. Considering the 4.2 kilos of marijuana found in Schapelle's slim boogie board bag was bulging, stinking and unconcealed (and could well have been Semtex), but still found its way on to a plane full of innocent paying passengers (post the Bali bombing, post 9/11 and post the Lockerbie disaster), can you please explain why no police force in Australia immediately preserved the relevant CCTV, in order to investigate this massive breach of aviation security? Ditto the X ray imagery?

2. Can you explain why no police force in Australia investigated the Australian source of the marijuana found in Schapelle's bag?

3. Can you explain why the Australian Federal Police did not utilise the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Indonesia, to ensure that the marijuana (and the bags it was wrapped in), was tested for fingerprints, human DNA and plant source? Given that these investigations were integral to investigating crimes committed on Australian soil.

4. Can you explain the employment (in the Australian aviation industry within "Secure" areas), of "Tom," Easton Barrington James and Norman Niass?

5. Can you explain how hundreds of kilos of cocaine entered Australia in 2004 (via Sydney International Airport), without the help of baggage handlers, given that none were ever charged?

6. Can you explain how Gary MacDonald's bag ended up in Rushcutters Bay without the help of baggage handlers, given that none were ever charged? Did it just sprout legs and walk there all by itself? Please note, Gary's bag went "Missing" on the 8th of October 2004, same day Schapelle flew - and his incoming plane was on the tarmac at exactly the same time as her outgoing one.

7. Can you explain how and why criminal Qantas baggage handler "Tom" was paid $800,000 (and allowed to keep $750,000 of his criminal earnings), after he threatened to name corrupt police? Further, can you also please explain how and why after this huge generosity, none of those police officers were investigated or charged?

8. Further, these questions and these questions (about Schapelle's very questionable trial in Indonesia), have been outstanding to Kevin Rudd for several months, without even an acknowledgment. Can you please provide me with an answer to those reasonable inquiries, as it appears Australia has a formal responsibility to ensure that its citizens get a fair trial, according to the laws of the country they're tried in. Trashing all the physical evidence (as shown here, here and here), refusing to provide any evidence at all of serious charges, ignoring universal legal precepts (and legal precedents), does not appear to meet even Indonesian standards. You may also wish to note this ignored reminder I sent to Kevin Rudd.

I look forward to meeting you Claire.

Regards, Kim

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Press Letter Re Australian Federal Police Corruption

(click on the pic above to enlarge & read)

Press letter just sent to 100's and 100's of local newspapers all over Australia (with the background links as evidence):

Schapelle’s done years in hell and now there’s legal statements casting grave doubts on her conviction. But still the police refuse to act, despite the dangers. What if 4.2 kilos of stinking, bulging marijuana (that shouldn’t have sailed through security, no matter what), was Semtex? And I wonder what Gary McDonald thinks? He was an innocent passenger used as an unwitting drug mule by baggage handlers the exact hour she flew. After touching down at Sydney International, his cases didn’t. They later appeared half way across the city with 10 kilos of cocaine. Then one airport worker (with a long criminal history), threatened to name corrupt police, upon which the NSW Government paid him $800,000 and let him keep $750,000 of his criminal earnings. The allegedly bent cops were never investigated. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Stench of Police Corruption Coming from NSW

Mmmm, interesting. Looks like "Shadowcatcher" has created a one-stop-shop (a new blog), for all things Christopher John Laycock - to join the Mark Standen one.

So let's hope the NSW Police Integrity Commission restores the censored info, Barry O'Farrell Premier of NSW answers his correspondence and the Australian Office of Transport Security does its job.

PS - The New South Wales Police Integrity Commission has also censored and removed the full Cobalt Report, about gross corruption within the New South Wales Police, as explained HERE, where you can (also), still access the full 115 pages.

PPS - Fax just sent to the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission about the gutting of their annual reports from their website.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Former NSW police officer Christopher John Laycock

(PS - The New South Wales Police Integrity Commission has also censored and removed the full Cobalt Report, about Christopher John Laycock and gross corruption within the New South Wales Police, as explained HERE, where you can (also), still access the full 115 pages).

Incredibly, the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission has just removed vital information from the web that damed a former NSW police officer, Christopher John Laycock.

Here's the google search results for:

Police Integrity Commission Annual Report 2004 2005

If you click on the top link, it now takes you to this dead page. However, this Google cache of that info still tells the whole, sordid story when you scroll down to pages 21 and 22 ("Operation Cobalt"). That Google cache is now saved in my hard drive, and I suggest any other concerned person out there saves it in their hard drive too (as I know many already have). So here's some questions to the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission, and the New South Wales Government . . . (PS - Sydney Airport was on Laycock's former beat, and there are rumours about his alleged links to airport corruption) . . .

To Allan Kearney, Director of the NSW Police Integrity Commission
To Mike Gallacher, New South Wales Minister for Police
To Barry O'Farrell, New South Wales Premier.

1. Please ensure that this info is fully restored to the site of the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission.

2. Please explain why it has been removed.

3. Please explain why Christopher John Laycock has never faced any criminal charges.

Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax

Schapelle Corby - The New South Wales Minister for Police, Mike Gallacher, is as Bent as a Nine Bob Note

. . . and he can do sweet FA about that statement, because he'll never be able to answer the vital questions he couldn't avoid if he challenged it. Here's what was asked of him in April 2011, and here's Mike running for cover in May 2011. He didn't even have the balls to sign the letter himself. So onwards and upwards. For posterity and the historical record (and the film producers), here's some direct questions to the Premier of New South Wales, Barry O'Farrell . . .

Dear Barry,

I look forward to your written response to these questions. I'll send you a written reminder (blogged), at regular intervals until I hear back. You'll also note that these points are numbered so when you get back to me, could you please reproduce each numbered question, and put your response beneath. Politicians are notorious for lies and avoidance, and we need to pin you down to direct answers . . .

1. A few years ago, the New South Wales Crime Commission paid $800,000 to "Tom," a corrupt Qantas baggage handler, and allowed him to keep three quarters of a million dollars of his criminal earnings. This was just after he threatened to name corrupt New South Wales Police. For the benefit of the tax payers of Australia, could you please explain and justify this incident?

2. Were the corrupt police "Tom" threatened to expose ever named and investigated? If not, why not?

3. During Operation Mocha, vital information about this police operation was leaked to gangsters. Obviously, AFP Police Officer Gerry Fletcher was NOT responsible for this leak - so who was, and was the real perp ever investigated? If not, why not? I will keep Gerry informed of your answer on this.

4. Do you have any idea why, out of a budget of around 22 million dollars in 2010, the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission recommended only four prosecutions against police (that's an extremely hefty bill per prosecution), and now says the facts noted above aren't "Serious" enough for them to investigate?

5. Do you agree that allowing 4.2 kilos of stinking, unconcealed marijuana on to a plane full of innocent, paying passengers at Sydney Airport in 2004 was a major security breach that should have been fully investigated at once, as per my current complaint to The Australian Office of Transport Security? Do you have any idea why it wasn't?

I look forward to hearing back from you Barry, and further, if you get in touch with Senator Claire Moore re my recent private correspondence with her, you may discover just how and why the truth is about to hit your Government faster and harder than a speeding freight train.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby & The Qantas Cover Up: Some Additional Pages (click on each to enlarge & read). Scroll down for the link to the book project.

Here's the book project, and if you scroll down, you'll that five new pages (also reproduced here), have just been added. Click on them to enlarge & read.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to The Office of Transport Security

Dear Paul,

Around 2.15pm pm to-day (Friday 8 July 2011), I rang your department on 1300 307 288, to lodge a formal complaint about various gross breaches of aviation security. I spoke to a "Luke" who took all details in a professional and appropriate manner. I told him I would be following up my verbal complaint in writing within 24 hours, as I'm now doing. When calling that number, I noted a message telling me my call would be recorded, and when I asked "Luke" about this, he confirmed this was the case. Therefore, could you (also), please treat this correspondence as formal FOI request for that recording.

I am formally complaining that on the 8th October 2004, 4.2 kilos of stinking, unconcealed marijuana made it's way through three major Australian airports, and on to a plane load of innocent, paying passengers who were travelling to Bali, post Lockerbie, post 9/11, and post the Bali bombings - but despite this gross failure, the Australian Federal Police did not treat it as the major security incident it was. They:
As I pointed out to "Luke," whoever was responsible for this contraband, whether it was Schapelle (extremely unlikely in the bizarre circumstances of the "Crime," and noted history of internal aviation corruption), Uncle Tom Cobley or the drovers dog, this amounted to a major security breach, and should have been treated as such. The above noted failure to seek out and preserve the hard, physical evidence is inexplicable and shameful.

I also wish to lodge formal complaints about the employment of Easton Barrington James, Norman Niass and "Tom," despite their previous (and serious), criminal records, and I'm also seeking a formal explanation for the same. Ditto Qantas security manager Alan Conwell, who was employed despite his known and documented connections to crime boss Michael Hurley.

Could you please also explain to the travelling public how the bags of innocent Qantas passenger Gary McDonald (flying into Sydney International Airport on 8 October 2004, same day as Schapelle's journey), ended up in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, containing 10 kilos of cocaine, without the apparent intervention of any airline staff - because none were ever charged with this crime. Though as I mentioned to "Luke," maybe the Australian Federal Police need to travel to the UK for some in-service education on this point, where the cops appear to take their responsibilities a lot more seriously, when innocent passengers are used as unwitting drug mules by corrupt airline staff.

Can also underline (in red, several times), that as working, tax paying registered nurse I thoroughly resent the $800,000 that was paid to criminal Qantas baggage handler "Tom" (by Government), in the wake of his threats to name corrupt police. I also note that post this payment to "Tom," none of these officers were ever named or investigated. So what are you going to do Paul, when an Australian plane explodes out of the sky, courtesy of the corrupt police officers protected by the $800,000 payment to "Tom"? Or are you merely betting that their psychopathy has limits? I also formally note that all the millions and millions of dollars spent on Australian airport security measures are rendered completely useless unless this internal corruption is tackled.

Could you also please ensure that these new allegations are followed up and investigated as a matter of urgency. What if these workers are still employed in aviation? This must not be dismissed, and it cannot be taken lightly - as my recent correspondence to Brendan O'Connor makes perfectly clear.

Lastly, I also suggest you get in touch with Senator Claire Moore, re my most recent private correspondence to her. I'm sure she can enlighten you further about the major public exposure that's just around the corner.

Regards, Kim

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Qantas Cover Up: How Australia's National Airline Betrayed and Destroyed an Innocent Woman

An extremely graphic book in development, HERE.

PS - Google blog search results for Qantas here (as of 5.30am on Friday 8 July 2011), which place this post very near the top of the list.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Brendan O'Connor, DO YOUR JOB

Copy of fax just sent to Brendan O'Connor. And in full here, linked to the relevant background info:

Dear Brendan,

On the 8th of October 2004, a large, bulging, unconcealed, stinking package of marijuana was successfully smuggled through three major Australian airports, and on to a Qantas jet packed with innocent, paying passengers - and no police force in Australia investigated the origins of these drugs, or the gross security breaches that allowed it. What if it was 4.2 kilos of Semtex? Now, as new allegations of criminal activity at Sydney Airport emerge, the Australian Federal Police are point blank refusing to independently look into them. What if the alleged scroat at the centre of this new maelstrom is still an employee of Qantas? What if he’s still involved in this activity? Are you personally prepared to take that risk? It’s not up to Schapelle’s family to put in a formal complaint, its up to the Australian Federal Police to do their job, and act on serious criminal allegations when they’re given to them. Is there anything that’s unclear about that logic?

Please get back to me with an assurance that new investigations are underway. I also suggest you get on the phone to Senator Claire Moore, re my recent private email to her. You have my absolute assurance and promise that your neck and your career are on the chopping block vis a vis this issue, metaphorically speaking (for any concrete thinkers out there).

I will phone in due course to confirm receipt of this fax.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Kim Bax


Addit - It's 11.33am on Thursday 7th July 2011. Just rang Brendan O'Connor's office. They confirmed the above fax was received.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Australian Federal Police Refuse to Investigate New Claims & Say They "Won't Hold Their Breath"

I rang professional standards at the Australian Federal Police yesterday, to enquire whether or not they've launched a formal investigation into the latest claims. They point blank stated they had no intention of doing so, and when I mentioned the coming documentary, the joker on the other end said he wouldn't "Hold his breath." Maybe he should, because as the info in my private email to Senator Claire Moore (earlier to-day), made perfectly clear, very, very soon the AFP are going to be drowning in so much crap (metaphorically speaking of course), the unemployment lines will be swelling (I'm sure), by several high flyers. What's currently in the public domain (quite apart from "Sue's" allegations), is the very smallest tip of one gi-normous iceberg, and we all know what happened to the Titanic.

Further still, "Sue" made a formal statutory declaration. Making a false one is a criminal offence, and given that 4.2 kilos of marijuana could easily have been 4.2 kilos of Semtex, methinks the boys in blue are duty bound to follow this up - not that they will. As soon as Schapelle was arrested, they corruptly failed to preserve a single frame of CCTV, failed to secure the X-ray imagery, did not formally request the testing of the physical evidence (allowing it to be burnt without protest), and completely failed to investigate the Australian source of the marijuana - whilst letting criminal Qantas bag handlers walk away scott free. I wonder why? What other pigs have their still have their noses in the trough?

Those who "Win" in a fixed game get arrogant and stupid, and that will be their undoing. Australia's a very small pond, and the big fish here amount to a big fat zero on the Global stage.