Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Australian Federal Police Refuse to Investigate New Claims & Say They "Won't Hold Their Breath"

I rang professional standards at the Australian Federal Police yesterday, to enquire whether or not they've launched a formal investigation into the latest claims. They point blank stated they had no intention of doing so, and when I mentioned the coming documentary, the joker on the other end said he wouldn't "Hold his breath." Maybe he should, because as the info in my private email to Senator Claire Moore (earlier to-day), made perfectly clear, very, very soon the AFP are going to be drowning in so much crap (metaphorically speaking of course), the unemployment lines will be swelling (I'm sure), by several high flyers. What's currently in the public domain (quite apart from "Sue's" allegations), is the very smallest tip of one gi-normous iceberg, and we all know what happened to the Titanic.

Further still, "Sue" made a formal statutory declaration. Making a false one is a criminal offence, and given that 4.2 kilos of marijuana could easily have been 4.2 kilos of Semtex, methinks the boys in blue are duty bound to follow this up - not that they will. As soon as Schapelle was arrested, they corruptly failed to preserve a single frame of CCTV, failed to secure the X-ray imagery, did not formally request the testing of the physical evidence (allowing it to be burnt without protest), and completely failed to investigate the Australian source of the marijuana - whilst letting criminal Qantas bag handlers walk away scott free. I wonder why? What other pigs have their still have their noses in the trough?

Those who "Win" in a fixed game get arrogant and stupid, and that will be their undoing. Australia's a very small pond, and the big fish here amount to a big fat zero on the Global stage.