Friday, July 8, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to The Office of Transport Security

Dear Paul,

Around 2.15pm pm to-day (Friday 8 July 2011), I rang your department on 1300 307 288, to lodge a formal complaint about various gross breaches of aviation security. I spoke to a "Luke" who took all details in a professional and appropriate manner. I told him I would be following up my verbal complaint in writing within 24 hours, as I'm now doing. When calling that number, I noted a message telling me my call would be recorded, and when I asked "Luke" about this, he confirmed this was the case. Therefore, could you (also), please treat this correspondence as formal FOI request for that recording.

I am formally complaining that on the 8th October 2004, 4.2 kilos of stinking, unconcealed marijuana made it's way through three major Australian airports, and on to a plane load of innocent, paying passengers who were travelling to Bali, post Lockerbie, post 9/11, and post the Bali bombings - but despite this gross failure, the Australian Federal Police did not treat it as the major security incident it was. They:
As I pointed out to "Luke," whoever was responsible for this contraband, whether it was Schapelle (extremely unlikely in the bizarre circumstances of the "Crime," and noted history of internal aviation corruption), Uncle Tom Cobley or the drovers dog, this amounted to a major security breach, and should have been treated as such. The above noted failure to seek out and preserve the hard, physical evidence is inexplicable and shameful.

I also wish to lodge formal complaints about the employment of Easton Barrington James, Norman Niass and "Tom," despite their previous (and serious), criminal records, and I'm also seeking a formal explanation for the same. Ditto Qantas security manager Alan Conwell, who was employed despite his known and documented connections to crime boss Michael Hurley.

Could you please also explain to the travelling public how the bags of innocent Qantas passenger Gary McDonald (flying into Sydney International Airport on 8 October 2004, same day as Schapelle's journey), ended up in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, containing 10 kilos of cocaine, without the apparent intervention of any airline staff - because none were ever charged with this crime. Though as I mentioned to "Luke," maybe the Australian Federal Police need to travel to the UK for some in-service education on this point, where the cops appear to take their responsibilities a lot more seriously, when innocent passengers are used as unwitting drug mules by corrupt airline staff.

Can also underline (in red, several times), that as working, tax paying registered nurse I thoroughly resent the $800,000 that was paid to criminal Qantas baggage handler "Tom" (by Government), in the wake of his threats to name corrupt police. I also note that post this payment to "Tom," none of these officers were ever named or investigated. So what are you going to do Paul, when an Australian plane explodes out of the sky, courtesy of the corrupt police officers protected by the $800,000 payment to "Tom"? Or are you merely betting that their psychopathy has limits? I also formally note that all the millions and millions of dollars spent on Australian airport security measures are rendered completely useless unless this internal corruption is tackled.

Could you also please ensure that these new allegations are followed up and investigated as a matter of urgency. What if these workers are still employed in aviation? This must not be dismissed, and it cannot be taken lightly - as my recent correspondence to Brendan O'Connor makes perfectly clear.

Lastly, I also suggest you get in touch with Senator Claire Moore, re my most recent private correspondence to her. I'm sure she can enlighten you further about the major public exposure that's just around the corner.

Regards, Kim