Saturday, July 9, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Former NSW police officer Christopher John Laycock

(PS - The New South Wales Police Integrity Commission has also censored and removed the full Cobalt Report, about Christopher John Laycock and gross corruption within the New South Wales Police, as explained HERE, where you can (also), still access the full 115 pages).

Incredibly, the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission has just removed vital information from the web that damed a former NSW police officer, Christopher John Laycock.

Here's the google search results for:

Police Integrity Commission Annual Report 2004 2005

If you click on the top link, it now takes you to this dead page. However, this Google cache of that info still tells the whole, sordid story when you scroll down to pages 21 and 22 ("Operation Cobalt"). That Google cache is now saved in my hard drive, and I suggest any other concerned person out there saves it in their hard drive too (as I know many already have). So here's some questions to the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission, and the New South Wales Government . . . (PS - Sydney Airport was on Laycock's former beat, and there are rumours about his alleged links to airport corruption) . . .

To Allan Kearney, Director of the NSW Police Integrity Commission
To Mike Gallacher, New South Wales Minister for Police
To Barry O'Farrell, New South Wales Premier.

1. Please ensure that this info is fully restored to the site of the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission.

2. Please explain why it has been removed.

3. Please explain why Christopher John Laycock has never faced any criminal charges.

Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax