Thursday, July 28, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Graphic Reminder to The Australian Office of Transport Security

Click on the picture to enlarge and read, and here's the audio of my formal complaint about this to Australian Office of Transport Security (in July 2011), with the written follow-up complaint here. Below, another reminder letter to Mr. Paul Retter, head of that department . . .

Dear Paul,

I note your promise to provide a response to these very important matters within 10 working days, and also note that (at the time of writing), you are several days behind schedule on that undertaking. I look forward to your comprehensive reply within a reasonable and timely schedule (given the utmost seriousness of this matter).

Could you also (please), ask the Australian Federal Police why they never arrested or charged any of the Qantas baggage handlers they quite openly refer to here . . .

"In 2005, an AFP/NSW Crime Commission operation resulted in the arrest of members of another cocaine syndicate who were using BAGGAGE HANDLERS to remove imported cocaine from Sydney Airport."

Quote from the “Submission of The Australian Federal Police, to The PJC-ACC Inquiry into the Adequacy of Aviation and Maritime Security Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime," November 2009.

. . . because last time I looked, this type of activity was (and is), a crime - at least, it is in the UK. Are there different rules in this country? Hopefully, you might have better luck liaising with Australian Federal Police on this matter, as when I try to ask them questions about it, they either hang up in my ear, ignore my correspondence, or threaten to have me carted away. So with any luck Paul you might get an answer from them, just before they put you in a straightjacket for asking the damn obvious.

I would also draw your attention to our meeting with Senator Claire Moore yesterday (which will remain confidential, as per our promise to Claire). She is now privy to certain information (as per this brief comment from People for Schapelle). So can I suggest that if you wish to avoid appearing like a complete lunatic (or completely corrupt), to the entire World, you need to explain ASAP how and why the Australian airport criminals/baggage handlers who (as openly admitted by the AFP), imported over 200 kilos of cocaine into this country (including during the exact hours that Schapelle flew), didn't end up in the slammer where they most certainly belong.

Regards, Kim