Thursday, July 14, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Senator Claire Moore Agrees to a Meeting

Dear Claire,

Thank you very much. That meeting will be fine. To give you some advance warning, and time to research and prepare, here are the questions I want to ask. The embedded links should provide you with the necessary background references . . .

1. Considering the 4.2 kilos of marijuana found in Schapelle's slim boogie board bag was bulging, stinking and unconcealed (and could well have been Semtex), but still found its way on to a plane full of innocent paying passengers (post the Bali bombing, post 9/11 and post the Lockerbie disaster), can you please explain why no police force in Australia immediately preserved the relevant CCTV, in order to investigate this massive breach of aviation security? Ditto the X ray imagery?

2. Can you explain why no police force in Australia investigated the Australian source of the marijuana found in Schapelle's bag?

3. Can you explain why the Australian Federal Police did not utilise the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Indonesia, to ensure that the marijuana (and the bags it was wrapped in), was tested for fingerprints, human DNA and plant source? Given that these investigations were integral to investigating crimes committed on Australian soil.

4. Can you explain the employment (in the Australian aviation industry within "Secure" areas), of "Tom," Easton Barrington James and Norman Niass?

5. Can you explain how hundreds of kilos of cocaine entered Australia in 2004 (via Sydney International Airport), without the help of baggage handlers, given that none were ever charged?

6. Can you explain how Gary MacDonald's bag ended up in Rushcutters Bay without the help of baggage handlers, given that none were ever charged? Did it just sprout legs and walk there all by itself? Please note, Gary's bag went "Missing" on the 8th of October 2004, same day Schapelle flew - and his incoming plane was on the tarmac at exactly the same time as her outgoing one.

7. Can you explain how and why criminal Qantas baggage handler "Tom" was paid $800,000 (and allowed to keep $750,000 of his criminal earnings), after he threatened to name corrupt police? Further, can you also please explain how and why after this huge generosity, none of those police officers were investigated or charged?

8. Further, these questions and these questions (about Schapelle's very questionable trial in Indonesia), have been outstanding to Kevin Rudd for several months, without even an acknowledgment. Can you please provide me with an answer to those reasonable inquiries, as it appears Australia has a formal responsibility to ensure that its citizens get a fair trial, according to the laws of the country they're tried in. Trashing all the physical evidence (as shown here, here and here), refusing to provide any evidence at all of serious charges, ignoring universal legal precepts (and legal precedents), does not appear to meet even Indonesian standards. You may also wish to note this ignored reminder I sent to Kevin Rudd.

I look forward to meeting you Claire.

Regards, Kim