Friday, July 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The Truth is Coming Out & Nothing Can Stop It. A Letter to Julia Gillard Et Al

Click on the picture above to enlarge and read. It's a first draft of a full page news ad, to run in every Federal seat held (by either party) on a margin of 3% or less. The link publicised in that ad goes HERE. Below, there's a letter about this very important issue just faxed to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and some other key players . . .

I am sending each of you a copy of the draft full-page news ad, set to run in your most marginal seats. I also want to be completely fair. So could you please respond ASAP (in writing), if you wish to dispute any of the reported facts. If you want to do so, it would be convenient (and transparent), if you could could quote the passage in question, and provide relevant documentary evidence at the same time. So I am formally asking you to do that.

You'll also note that the ad publicises a web link, and an email address. The web link goes directly to information that exposes Federal Government avoidance of this issue (amongst other key facts), and the email address will allow interested individuals to instantly access news about the massive new project, set to expose Australian airport corruption (and the associated cover-up) on a Global scale. I feel Senator Claire Moore may well (with luck), be hearing more about this on Wednesday 27th July 2011.

Regards, Kim