Saturday, August 6, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Australian Dinosaurs In The Spotlight

The landscape's transformed itself since corporate Australia stitched up Lindy Chamberlain with the help of corrupt police - but the dinosaurs at the helm are just too dumb, fat, lazy and arrogant to realise it. They're already in the spotlight - and it's almost laughable as they busily cover up their nakedness in the corporate press, while blithely unaware their ugly, pimply backsides are on full public view. It almost turns my wrangle with The West Australian into an irrelevant sideshow. So welcome to the 21st Century, exposed on Google at every turn, and outed to millions via Facebook. And at the end of that growing hundred-day Facebook project, there'll be screen grabs here from 900 major media Facebook pages, with a 900-long list that can be utilised again in a heartbeat.

And some more food for thought? when anyone in the World searches for Schapelle Corby (who is never out of the spotlight, here and around the Globe), via blogs or Facebook, they come across this and this straight away.