Friday, August 19, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Is the DPP Christopher Craigie a Corrupt, Criminal Bastard Who . . .


. . . knew his department had paid one of the criminal scroats responsible for Schapelle's incarceration hundreds of thousands of dollars, while pursuing her for large sums of money without a shred of evidence (admissible in any court, Indonesian or Australian), she'd committed a crime?

Click on the picture above to enlarge and read. There's a new letter to Christopher Craigie below . . .

This is a formal Freedom of Information request. Please supply me with the letter to career criminal and Qantas baggage handler "Tom" (from your department), that NSW Police Minister Michael Gallacher refers to here, within this speech, plus any and all internal communications related to that outrageous decision.

And here are a list of questions. In response, will you please reproduce each one, and place your direct answer underneath . . .

1. Did your department know "Tom" was a Qantas baggage handler (with a serious and extensive criminal history), working on the day Schapelle flew, who used another innocent passenger as an innocent drug mule, at around exactly the same time she departed, when it bizarrely decided to so richly reward his sickening drug crime?

2. Did your department ever prosecute any of the corrupt police "Tom" threatened to name? If not, why not?

3. Why didn't your department ever prosecute (pg 42) any of the criminal baggage handlers (that the Australian Federal Police refer to here), considering baggage handlers engaged in the same activity in the UK (around the same time time), were jailed for a very long time?

4. What's you comment on the appalling aviation security implications of letting "Tom" (and all his mates), go free - as per Attorney General Robert Mclelland's strident words here?

5. What's your comment on pursuing Schapelle, while point blank refusing to supply her with vital Australian information about the gross Australian airport corruption at the time she flew?

7. Is it correct that your department has to be satisfied that someone has actually committed a crime, before it confiscates their book proceeds?

8. So, on what evidence was your department satisfied that Schapelle had committed a crime?

a. Was there a documented flow of marijuana from Australia to Bali at the time?

b. Was there an economic motive?

c. Was there any DNA, fingerprint and/or plant source evidence to convict her?

d. Did the the Indonesians weigh her luggage on arrival in Bali, to compare it to the Brisbane check-in weight?

e. Was there any Australian evidence to convict her?

f. Was there any CCTV evidence to convict her?

g. Was there any X-ray imagery to convict her?

f. Did she have a criminal history?

g. Did she have a criminal profile?

h. Were the statements of the Indonesian officials (against her), backed up by any hard evidence?

i. Was there any evidence Schapelle was involved in drug "Trafficking"?

j. Are you aware of the Australian Customs report, by Caterina Magni, which documented serious criminality at Australian airports at the time Schapelle flew?

k. Are you aware that other innocent passengers had found drugs in their luggage, after flying from Australia to Bali?

l. Are you aware that former senior customs officer Allan Kessing told ABC Australia (on 4 April 2011), that Schapelle was the victim of Australian airport crime?

m. Are you aware of the comments of Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police, re airport corruption and crime?

n. Are you aware that the very senior police officer, Mark Standen, who was responsible for "Supervising" your richly rewarded criminal scroat "Tom" (during Operation Mocha), has now been convicted of very serious drug crimes?

m. Are you aware that Qantas airlines employed criminal baggage handlers like Easton Barrington James and Norman Niass at the time Schapelle flew?

n. Are you aware of Alan Conwell's history (a senior security manager for Qantas at the time Schapelle flew)?

I look forward to your response on my FOI request, and your detailed (and specific), replies to all of my questions above.

Regards, Kim