Saturday, August 13, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Is Jerrold Cripps of The New South Wales Police Integrity Commission (PIC) Corrupt? A Formal Complaint to Jerrold


Addit - 24 Aug 2011, the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission tells the Australian public to "Get f*cked."

Addit listen to the phone call to the NSW Police Integrity Commission of Mon 15 Aug 2011, confirming they've received the correspondence below.

CC Barry O'Farrell, Premier of New South Wales

CC Mike Gallacher, Minister of Police for New South Wales

Dear Jerrold,

Please investigate the role of the jailed and convicted former Assistant Commissioner to the News South Wales Crime Commission, Mark Standen, vis a vis his chief position in "Operation Mocha."

This is a formal complaint, and request for your intervention. Please treat it as such. I note you didn't regard my previous complaint on this issue as "Serious" enough to investigate, and you have completely ignored my further questions. So in the light of current events, I assume you'll re-consider your rather strange decision. I very much look forward to your formal, written response.

Further, just to make sure you understand the seriousness of this situation, here are the current Google search results for . . .

Jerrold Cripps here and here

Michael Gallacher Mark Standen here and here

. . . which all headline "Women for Schapelle" blog posts (as well as THIS damning blog in Mark Standen's results).

Further, here are some potential/draft flyers, placards and full page news-ads (backed by thousands of Schapelle's supporters from all over the World) - and this quickly building Facebook project, currently distributing comments to millions (and adding many new, easily utilised links each day), is ongoing. And you never know what's just around the corner . . .

So for your own sake Jerrold, I hope you're not too much of a dinosaur to understand the crucial role of our electronic media and social networking. The old paradigms have dissolved.

Now to continue . . .

"Operation Mocha" was the name given to a joint AFP/NSW Crime Commission investigation into a criminal syndicate who imported 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004, using innocent airline passengers as drug mules. There are a huge number of glaring anomalies in this investigation . . .

1. None of the Qantas baggage handlers involved in that syndicate, who the Australian Federal Police fully admit were engaged in serious criminal activity, were ever arrested or charged. Baggage handlers engaged in exactly the same crime in the UK (in 2004), were sent down for many years.

2. When one of Mark Standen's key informants, "Tom," threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police, the NSW Crime Commission paid him $800,000 - and allowed him to keep $750,000 of his criminal earning. After this, there was no police investigation into any of the corrupt officers "Tom" threatened to name. Was "Tom" threatening to name Standen? And who were the other officers on "Tom's" list? I think the Australian public have the right to know. And for your convenience, "Tom" shouldn't be too hard to find. Just ask Channel 10 about their latest media tart.

3. There was never any investigation into which corrupt police officer leaked information to criminal Michael Hurley (about "Operation Mocha"), after AFP Officer Gerry Fletcher was cleared of Mark Standen's accusations. This is completely unacceptable.

4. The Qantas baggage handlers who were never arrested (as per point 1 above, and despite their $300,000 cut in the crime), were also involved in "Dealing" with Schapelle Corby's luggage - because it's a matter of public record they used another innocent passenger as an unwitting drug mule on the exact day Schapelle flew, and at the exact time.

5. Despite the formal police surveillance of these baggage handlers (during "Operation Mocha"), every single frame of airport CCTV footage that Schapelle begged for (from 100's of cameras), was destroyed - ditto the X-ray imagery. So what the hell was going on? The police knew full well that criminals with long criminal histories (including the trafficking of marijuana), were "Looking after" her luggage. They also knew that innocent passengers were regularly used as innocent drug mules by corrupt insiders, and it was a common, international crime. Was Standen's inexplicable failure to preserve this crucial physical evidence corrupt?

6. Standen was (and is), an intelligent man. He knows that a flow of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Indonesia, does not exist and never has. He also knew that marijuana was (and is), over a hundred times cheaper on the streets of Bali, compared to Australia (as per these official United Nations figures). He also knew that Schapelle was a woman with no criminal history, and no criminal profile. So what corrupt planet was he (and others), living on when he/they failed to preserve the airport CCTV and X-ray imagery?

7. Further, the forensic testing of the physical evidence in Schapelle's case never went ahead. The drugs (and the bags they came in), were burnt - even though she begged for these investigations. Obviously, testing for human DNA, plant source and fingerprints could have clearly pointed the finger at the Australian culprits. Therefore, it's inexplicable why neither the Australian Federal Police, or the NSW Crime Commission, utilised the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Indonesia to formally request these investigations. Who did this gross lapse protect? And why was there NO Australian police investigation into the Australian grower and supplier of 4.2 kilos of marijuana?

8. On 4 April 2011, former senior customs officer Allan Kessing told ABC Australia that Schapelle's ordeal was a direct result of Australian airport corruption.

9. The former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police, Ray Cooper, also accused colleagues of serious corruption, vis a vis airport crime. And here is Ray Cooper's scathing assessment of Mark Standen.

Regards, Kim