Friday, August 19, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Kevin Rudd & Greg Moriarty Sell Australia Down the River

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Dear Kevin & Greg,

I note you've completely ignored my phone call (and further questions), of Thursday 24 March 2011 for almost 4 months, and the Australian Attorney General Robert McLelland has also pointedly ignored this recorded reminder for over an month, plus he's ignored my original correspondence for over 7 months. That's totally unacceptable, as Schapelle gets just 5 months shaved from her 20 year sentence, while some of Indonesia's most violent terrorists only get five years for their involvement in sickening murders.

I'll phone you both (again), next week.

In the interim, please note my recent questions to the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission, re the just-convicted ex-Assistant Commissioner to the NSW Crime Commission, Mark Standen, and his involvement in Operation Mocha - plus I'm still awaiting a reply from Paul Retter, Chief of the Australian Office of Transport Security. And have you seen this recent Qantas ad for baggage handlers? It has the full approval of the Australian Federal Police.

You may also wish to note that Women for Schapelle blog posts appear on the first page Google results of many of Australia's key figures and organisations . . .

Regards, Kim