Friday, August 5, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Spilling the Dirt on Macquarie Bank & The Qantas Criminals at the Rate of 750,000 People a Day

This comment was posted (see the slide show), to an audience of 750,000 people (via Facebook), on Friday 5 August 2011, using just 9 major media sites from Australia and around the World . . . (Update 29 Aug 2011, there are now 225 major media sites listed, reaching an audience of over 19 million people. At the finish of this 100 day posting project, it will be an audience of over 75 million people)

Don't fly Qantas. In 2004, their criminal baggage handlers at Sydney International Airport imported 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia, using innocent passengers as drug mules - and when one of them threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police, the NSW Crime Commission paid him $800,000 (& let him keep $750,000 of his criminal earnings), to shut the hell up. An Ian Robert Chalmers (Google him), ran that syndicate. He was a Director of Macquarie Bank. Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport. Also, Google Ray Cooper AFP - then Google Gary Lee Rogers (and click on the top links both times), for more on the gross corruption & mayhem at Australian airports. Here's some more background