Saturday, August 20, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Will Judy Prisk of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun Herald Finally Tell Readers The Truth?

Update 27 March 2012 - More proof of the lies reported by the Sydney Morning Herald HERE

Update 7 March 2012 HERE

(Addit to the below, Judy Prisk replied on 23 August 2011, and point blank refused to advocate on any of these serious issues, which underlines in red Crikey's scathing commentary about her. They called her appointment "Window dressing." It also underlines the desperate need for a national inquiry into Australia's media. Further, the proverbial will hit the fan very, very soon - and Australians will have every right to be furious about the facts the corporate media have deliberately buried. PS this blog page was also posted to the SMH Facebook page on 31 August 2011. Let's hope in the spirit of openness, they don't delete it)

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Dear Judy,

I'm just an ordinary Australian working mum (a nurse), who is very concerned that neither of the publications you are working for have told the full story about Schapelle - and have even gone further, and printed lies. Can you do something about this please?

As I'm sure you know, there are serious allegations that the Australian media (one of the least diverse in the World, comprising of just Murdoch, Fairfax and the ABC), and the Australian legal system, conspired against Lindy Chamberlain to protect huge corporate investments. Baby-eating dingoes are not good for business. And I guess drug-smuggling baggage handlers aren't terribly good for Qantas either - plus an innocent Australian locked up in an Indonesian hell-hole isn't great for bi-lateral relations and huge overseas investments. You see my point?

Firstly, will your publications finally tell their readers about the huge Government payments to criminal Qantas baggage handler "Tom," which I have just confronted the Australian Director of Public Prosecutions about. This is especially salient, because in the light of corrupt top cop Mark Standen's recent conviction, I have just formally asked the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission to re-examine his role in Operation Mocha. As I'm sure you realise, "Tom" was Standen's criminal off-sider.

Secondly, will your newspapers publicly ask questions re why criminal Qantas baggage handlers were never arrested or charged?

Thirdly, in contrast to Matthew Moore's lousy article, will your newspapers finally tell the truth about this official United Nations data?

Fourthly, will your newspapers ask pertinent questions re . . .

. . . why there was never any police investigation into the Australian source of the marijuana found in Schapelle's bag?

. . . why Australia's mutual assistance treaty with Indonesia was trashed?

. . . why every frame of CCTV that Schapelle begged for "Vanished," ditto the X-ray imagery?

. . . how the hell Qantas ever employed baggage handlers like "Tom," Norman Niass and Easton Barrington James - who all had serious criminal histories pre-dating their employment.

. . . why the Australian Government is still point-blank refusing to provide Schapelle with a crucial report that blew the whistle on the gross airport corruption occurring at the time she flew?

I very much look forward to hearing from you Judy.

Warm regards, Kim