Monday, September 19, 2011

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity re The Trashed Forensic Testing

Click on the picture to enlarge and read. Highly relevant to this damning new report, just released by the Expendable team, as well as this one, released just a few days ago.

Dear Phillip,

I have made previous complaints to your organisation (an outfit that has not recommended a single prosecution against any member of the Australian Federal Police in its entire existence), re the gross anomalies in the AFP's handling of the Schapelle Corby case, and your final response found nothing. Neither did you provide a shred of evidence (either via Freedom of Information results, or via a publicly released report of your proceedings), that your organisation carried out any kind of "Investigation," beyond asking the AFP "Did you do anything wrong?" And when they said "No," you just shrugged your shoulders and said "Well, I guess that's fine then."

So can I have a refund of my tax dollars please? You're a miserable and incompetent failure. The Expendable team have created a searing indictment of gross insider corruption at Australian airports without a fraction of the money at your disposal. You didn't even interview Ray Cooper, former Head of Internal Investigations for the Australian Federal Police, let alone Allan Kessing. The stench coming from your office is overpowering. Even Kevin Rudd queried Ray Cooper's damning words. What planet are you on?

So tell me Phillip, will you finally get off of your moribund backside when hundreds of Australian lives are lost?

So please investigate and report on . . .

1. Why the AFP did no further investigations into a major breach of aviation security that easily could have led to an overwhelming tragedy.

2. Why the AFP failed to use the Mutual Assistance Treaty in Criminal Matters Treaty (with Indonesia), to expedite crucial testing of the physical evidence.

3. Why Mick Keelty (former Chief of the AFP), lied about the truth in relation the forensic testing of the physical evidence.

I look forward to your swift response on this matter, and trust this investigation won't take a full year to come up with a big fat zero (like last time).

Regards, Kim

PS - I'll call your office before close of business to-day, to confirm you have receipt of this new complaint.