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Schapelle Corby - ABC Australia Spits in The Face of The Australian People

Here's their reply to these questions. Seems their Director thinks it's not "Newsworthy" to report airline security breaches that could cost hundreds of Australian lives, or tell the Australian public that the criminal Qantas baggage handlers responsible for crimes like this are still at large.

But no worries Mark, here's your most recent search returns on Google, plus when the EXPENDABLE film and the book hit the shelves, this gross breach of trust with the Australian people will join all the other extensive news about the corruption of the ABC.

You shouldn't be in a suit and tie Mark, you should be in prison browns for your collusion in this cover-up.

Schapelle Corby - San Francisco Chronicle Slams Bali, 30 Oct 2011

Click on the picture to enlarge and read. Article here. Comments here.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Now The Airline That F****d Over One Woman Is Doing It To The Entire Country

Click on the picture to enlarge & read. The Lockout Joyce Facebook page is HERE.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Google Exposes The Lies of Australia's Indonesian Lobbyists

Click on the above screen grab to enlarge & read. It seems when anyone searches for The Professor on Google blogs, one of the very first pieces of information they come across is this scathing blog post - now also linked to the disgracefully avoidant reply of his boss, and this in-depth research from the EXPENDABLE team about his questionable connections.

So now, the whole World can see he can't back up his public statements with a shred of hard evidence, plus they can form their own judgements on his background - and this man is supposed to be teaching the next generation? God help them, personally if I was marking his term paper, I'd suggest alternative employment - along lines of "You'd like fries with that?"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Prof Tim Lindsey's Boss Backs His Lies


Click on the above to enlarge and read the reply I received from Prof Tim Lindsey's boss (Carolyn Evans), re this reasonable request for academic references to back up his wild and fallacious claims to the media about Schapelle's sentence - plus my scathing response.

Obviously, nothing coming out of the University of Melbourne Law School can be trusted - because their Dean interprets "Academic freedom" as the freedom to make serious public statements without a shred of hard evidence.

Though I guess the lying scroat was wily enough to only make his statements to the complicit Australian media - anything demanding an ounce of academic accountability (such as a peer reviewed paper in a professional publication), would have got shredded before it made first base.

PS - I also left one final message (to-day), on Tim Lindsey's voicemail, asking for academic references to back up his assertions. Though personally speaking, I don't think the World needs to hold its breath - we all know what the outcome will be, a resounding silence. Though thanks Tim, at least we've cleared that one up now, you were talking out of your backside in 2005 . . .

Schapelle Corby - Bali Has a Very Bad Image Problem

Click on the picture to enlarge and read . . .

Monday, October 24, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Why Should Australians Still Go To Bali?

Click on the picture to enlarge & read.

Fax sent to the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia on Tuesday 25 October 2011, page one here, page two here.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Greg Barns, President of The Australian Lawyers Alliance, Please speak Out on Behalf of a Very Sick, Abused, Innocent Woman


Addit - By one month later, on Tuesday 23rd November 2011, Greg Barns has still completely ignored this correspondence (here's a screen grab of his current Google search results). However, his organisation was reminded about this matter (again), via phone and email - I and also reminded them that Schapelle was victimised by the same corruption that claimed the life of Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers. When Australian policemen can die of "Unexplained" natural causes in this context, the rule of law does not exist in this country. What core message does that send to every other serving officer? So do you have anything more important on your plate right now Greg? Because Brendan O'Connor is point blank refusing to respond re whether or not there was ever an inquiry into the horrific inventory losses that Gary reported.

Dear Greg,

Firstly, I wholly support your recent comments about the 14 year Australian boy currently held in Bali. As a mother myself, this situation horrifies me to the core.

I'm also acquainted with your organisation, via my own campaigning for the rights of children. In 2001, I was runner up in The Australian Plaintiff Lawyers National Civil Justice Award (the previous name for the Alliance), for my public efforts to improve school bus safety, nominated by a former President of your organisation, Rob Davis.

So Greg, I am now asking you to show public support for Schapelle, the victim of gross human rights abuse in both Indonesia and Australia - and you could also help me get some answers from the criminally silent.

Here are the facts:

1. She was given a sentence four times higher than any Indonesian had ever been given for the same crime, and twice as high as an Indonesian man caught with nearly 40 times as much as her. Here's the letter from her lawyer to John Howard (which he completely ignored), that proves it.

2. Australian academic Tim Lindsey has completely ignored all my efforts (multiple phone calls and emails), to provide case evidence for his public statements in 2005 re Schapelle's (according to him), "Lenient" sentence.

3. Her trial did not conform to either Indonesian law, or International law - as described here, also backed up by Indonesian law expert Roger A Smith, of Civil Liberties Australia.

4. The Australian Government are refusing to respond on these core issues. Personally, I think this is because it's convenient to keep her banged up in Bali, and thus keep the gross corruption and criminality at our airports hidden. Senior Australian Customs officer Allan Kessing (now retired) agrees - and I'm sure you've heard of him.

5. She is very gravely ill, and continually mistreated by her Indonesian captors - as they routinely and forcefully exhibit a woman (already in the grip of severe depressive, paranoid psychosis), to the World's media, completely against her will. Her illness is harrowingly described here.

6. Primary evidence of corrupt interference with her boogie board bag was deliberately withheld from her during her trial, and all levels of the Australian Government are refusing to respond on this gross security failure.

7. I also suggest you scroll through these graphics, to get a simple briefing on the many other core issues relating to the incarceration of an innocent woman - not the least of which is the non-arrest and charging of seriously criminal baggage handlers at Sydney International Airport, who were also using other innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules on the exact day Schapelle flew. However, they were working in league with a director of the bank that owns the airport.

Regards, Kim

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Ian Robert Chalmers, Macquarie Bank's Bad Boy, In The Limelight


Considering Sydney Airport owning Macquarie Bank Director Ian Robert Chalmers was in league with the criminal baggage handlers who arranged to scrub Schapelle's luggage from Sydney Airport's computerised screening systems, plus destroy all the CCTV she begged for and use innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules on the day she travelled - methinks this is a story ripe for the silver screen (and bookshelves). Get used to it Nicholas, you might want to forget your criminal mate, but the World won't . . .

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Schapelle Corby & EXPENDABLE Email Signatures

A lot of people add a personalised "Signature" to their emails, sometimes including a tiny graphic. Now this very small Expendable graphic can be downloaded, and automatically added to all your regular emails as a routine "Signature." This strategy now joins . . .

Expendable Facebook avatars . . .

Expendable sticky labels . . .

Expendable bumper stickers . . .

Expendable news ads . . .

. . . and Expendable for iphones

Schapelle Corby - Aussie Ambassadors Office Hangs Up On The Human Rights Abuse of Schapelle Corby in Indonesia

Click on the picture to enlarge and read.

Re: Human rights abuse of an Australian citizen in Indonesia

When I rang your office directly about this to-day, your staff hung up on me (MP3 recording of that here), and then refused to speak to me when I called back.

So please Google your name. On the first page of those results you will come across this correspondence to yourself (within a Women for Schapelle blog post), of August 2011 (two months ago), reminding you about unanswered correspondence of March 2011 (seven months ago). You have not acknowledged (at any time), any of my questions, despite a phone call to your office (in March 2011), confirming you'd received them, and saying I'd get a reply.

Briefly Greg, as you say yourself, Australia has a duty to ensure that Australians are treated fairly according to the laws of the country they are detained in. As my initial ignored questions here, here and here show, Schapelle was not treated according to Indonesian law, and this further detailed research (from the EXPENDABLE team) confirms that, as does the opinion of Indonesian law expert Roger A Smith, of Civil Liberties Australia.

Further, Schapelle's sentence was wildly out of whack with all legal precedents in Indonesia, as graphically explained here by leading Indonesian lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea, in a letter to John Howard. Her sentence was four times higher than any previous sentence in that country for a similar crime, and double that of an Indonesian man who was found with nearly 4o times as much marijuana as her. He had 161 kilos.

Greg, are you refusing to respond on this because Schapelle was the victim of domestic airport corruption in this country that went to the highest levels (considering Macquarie Bank own Sydney Airport Corporation, see the link), and it's convenient to keep her exactly where she is? Allan Kessing, a very senior customs officer closely involved with security at Sydney Airport (now retired), seems to think so.

And how do you explain the just revealed dangerous failure of Sydney Airport Corporation to scan Schapelle's boogie board bag, before it was loaded on a flight to a high risk destination (Bali)? Though I must admit, it was very convenient for one of their drug smuggling owners. Do any other airport-owning bank directors still have their snouts in the trough Greg? What do you reckon? Is that why every single frame of Australian airport CCTV (that Schapelle begged for), was trashed too?

I'm also looking forward to a response from Prof Carolyn Evans, Dean of Melbourne Law School, about the apparent lies of her staff member Prof Tim Lindsey, re the relative severity of Schapelle's sentence. It will be interesting to see if this academic can back up his wildly unrealistic claims to the media in 2005.

Regards, Kim

PS - I will call your office again very soon, to confirm you have received this latest correspondence.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Was Prof Tim Lindsey Just a Lying "Expert Gun For Hire"?


Click on that picture to enlarge & read.

Addit - Dean Carolyn Evans replies, and here's some more shocking information about Prof Tim Lindsey's connections (released 27 October 2011)

Dear Carolyn,

I am lodging a formal complaint with yourself, in relation to your staff member Prof Tim Lindsey. On the 27 May 2005, he told the Australian media that Schapelle's 20-year sentence was "Light" by Indonesian standards. That was a very serious step, and it's not something he should have done without clear and direct evidence for his opinion.

I have sought (without success), some feedback from Tim Lindsey re the basis of that interview, such as tangible case precedents, because it's since emerged that a leading Indonesian law expert had a directly opposing view. It seems the highest sentence given to any Indonesian for a similar crime was just 5 years, and that one Indonesian found with 161 kilos of marijuana (nearly forty times as much as Schapelle), was sentenced to half as much time her. He got just 10 years.

Therefore Carolyn can you do one of two things for me please - either issue a public apology for Tim Lindsey's public statement of 27 May 2005 (and thus correct the public record), or provide some evidence to back up his claims. I look forward to your swift response, given the serious nature of this issue.

Regards, Kim

Friday, October 14, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Subverting The Corporate Media

You can print 1600 labels for just over $36 (including delivery) and the price of some black printer ink. Here's the pdf document you can download in an instant, that fits those 16-label per A4 sheets perfectly.

Now (courtesy of two young daughters still at home), I have around 500 women's and gossip magazines hanging around the place. I'm adding one label to the inside of each (on the key article), and then donating them to my local doctors surgeries and hairdressing salons etc. It's also a very eco-friendly way of recycling and getting rid of clutter.

If you wanted to get really enthusiastic, you could even ask your friends for their magazines, and re-cycle them the same way.

I even heard of one woman who kept a couple of sheets of labels in her bag, and would surreptitiously add them to public loos, store changing rooms, ATM machines, petrol bowsers, public notice boards, the fridge and computer at work and any magazine she happened to be reading at her local hairdresser (or anywhere else).

And other ideas? You could buy Schapelle's book as a gift for friends and family (Christmas is coming), and include a sticker inside. You can also add a sticker to back of envelopes, and Christmas cards.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The Bumper Stickers Are Spreading Fast

Easy instructions for getting that one here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Bali Police Targeting Foreigners/A Current Affair

Here's the A Current Affair news segment, describing how Bali is ripping off tourists to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars - after subjecting them to a nightmare.

And here is an extended interview with Australian Robert McJannett, the subject of that news segment, who suffered extortion, corruption and cruelty and the hands of his Indonesian captors.

Robert also gave an in-depth report to an Australian magazine, a few months before.

And here is the awful story of another Australian, Michelle Leslie, who was also blackmailed by the police in Bali.

More Evidence Bali hates foreign visitors - and any questions re those facts can be posted here, and will be answered within 24 hours (with the relevant news links and first-hand correspondence).

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Prof Tim Lindsey & Dr Simon Butt, Apologists for Corruption?


Dear Tim and Simon,

As both of you are regularly wheeled out by the Australian media when it comes to commenting on anything Indonesian and (in my opinion), conflating and confusing deserved criticism with "Racism," maybe you'd like to offer your professional opinion on this new Expendable report, documenting gross breaches of both Indonesian law (and international law), in Schapelle's trial?

A comprehensive and considered response to that intelligent, detailed critique would be appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you both in due course.

Regards, Kim

PS - Would you also like to comment on this Reuters news report, re Indonesian corruption?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Rock Anthem

Click on the image to enlarge and read. Here's the missive going to 20 international radio music stations a day . . .
Hi - re a scorching new Australian rock anthem

There's an innocent woman dying in a Bali hell hole. That could have been you, or it could have been me. Check out "Eyes Wired Shut" by Sex in The Desert, theme to a sizzling new film exposing the high level political corruption behind her 20 year sentence. Here's a media release:

Here's the song:

Here's the band's contact details:

Here's the film trailer:

And here's a couple of best selling books on this high profile tragedy:

I think your listeners will love this haunting, angry song - and devastating background.

Schapelle Corby & News Com Au

Telling over 24,000 News Com Au Facebook fans the truth . . . (Sat 8 October 2011)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Global Radio Empire

Click on the image to enlarge and read.

Next stop? The Facebook page of every radio station in Europe and the USA - with an email to the producers about this scorching rock anthem and sizzling documentary . . .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Schapelle Corby & EXPENDABLE Bumper Stickers

My bumper stickers arrived. They turned out perfectly, as you can see. The message is unmistakeable.

If you want to create your own, save this image to your hard drive - and then use any on-line bumper sticker maker. I used Zazzle. When you use the on-line design tool to create your sticker (or get a professional to do it for you), remember to make sure the picture covers the whole area of the bumper sticker. When you do this, you'll probably see a message saying you've made the image too big (as I did), and it might appear fuzzy when you get the finished product. Don't worry about that, mine turned out fine.

Schapelle Corby & The Scorching New Film Trailer

. . . . and here's the rock anthem music theme. And as it says, some of the contributors fear for their lives - with very good reason. Here's what happened to Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers. RIP Gary, a very brave and honourable man.

Gary reported major loss of police weapons, and other huge irregularities, then ended up dead. And right now, the AFP are running for their lives, as they've been asked to account for those losses. Here's their recent response to a Freedom of Information request. And the Minister, Brendan O'Connor, has ignored a simple question (re whether there was ever an official inquiry into those unexplained losses), for over 4 weeks. So I posted a reminder on his Facebook wall this morning, then followed up with a phone call to his office. Yes, my correspondence was received, it's been "Flagged" (I bet it has), and I will be getting a reply. I look forward to it Brendan, and the World does too.

Maybe the Bard should have the final word to-day . . .

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Exposing the Corrupt Stalinists At The Heart of The Australian Media

Here is my recent telephone call to Amanda Wilson (Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald) - and here is the fax I sent her her to-day.

And here are the 18 December 2010 faxed questions to her office that she has completely ignored (for 10 months), despite numerous reminders in the interim - and here is my correspondence with their useless "Readers Editor."

Further, here's my phone call and fax to the heart of the Murdoch empire in Australia, and my phone call and fax to the managing director of the ABC, Mark Scott.

The above is all core research material, proving corruption and cover -up at the heart of the Australian media. The feature length Documentary at Expendable is out very soon, and further media (dramatisation, book), is not an "If," it's "When." Looks like some powerful players are about to show their bare buttocks to the World . . .

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Supreme Arrogance of Corporate Australia

Click on the pic to enlarge & read.

Dear Kerrie,

Re: Your letter to me of 29 Sept 2011, in "Reply" to my questions of 18 Sept 2011

Are you taking a stroll around the news outlets at Sydney Airport any time this week? I hope you do, and maybe pick up a copy of this week's New Idea Magazine, which graphically tells over 1.3 million Australian women about the dangerous incompetence of Sydney Airport Corporation, re the outfit's dismal failure to screen luggage.

Now Kerrie, I'm a nurse. I earn a damn sight less than you, but I do a damn sight better job - because if I treated my responsibilities the way you treat yours, my patients would probably be dying like flies, and I'd be struck off the professional register. And for the safety of the flying public, it's great shame you're not subject to the same sanctions.

So, I'm writing to you again. Firstly:

Directly answer the questions I put to you on the 18 September 2011.


Read through all the direct evidence at Expendable (yourself), which I drew to your attention on 18 September 2011.


Take all and any appropriate actions you need to take yourself (in the light of that hard evidence), then exercise your well manicured hands by picking up the phone and speaking to the Australian Federal Police yourself - or do you wish to give me a cut of your millions, if I do your job for you?


Provide some hard evidence to the Australian public that you have done something yourself to address your gross and dangerous security failures.

Please let me know if there's anything you don't understand about my suggestions and questions, so I can write again in a simpler format if needed.

I look forward to your further, considered response.

Regards, Kim

Monday, October 3, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Kevin Rudd, It's Time To Tell SBY The Truth


Click on the image to enlarge & read.

Here's my phone call to Kevin Rudd's office to-day. And here's the following missive, also faxed . . .

Dear Kevin,

As just shown in this week's edition of New Idea Magazine (as per information in the Expendable dossiers), there is now direct evidence of corrupt interference with Schapelle's bag, as I also explained to-day in phone calls to both Qantas and Anthony Albanese. Therefore I am asking you to instigate a high level inquiry into these gross anomalies as a matter of extreme urgency, due to the very serious threats to public safety just exposed. I am also asking you to contact Schapelle's family with the same degree of urgency, seeking their advice re the best (and preferred), way for you to communicate this information to the Indonesian Government at the highest levels.

I also note the Italian Government and judicial system has just shown a great deal of maturity and transparency in the Amanda Knox case. It would clearly be beneficial if Indonesia could step up to the plate in the same way (with the same degree of obvious integrity), before the growing weight of public opinion and accumulating evidence puts an untenable strain on all parties.

I will contact you again in 2 weeks, if you ignore this correspondence - as all my previous correspondence has been ignored (completely), by your office.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - Teaching Anthony Albanese How to Spot a Plane

Here my phone call to Anthony Albanese's office this morning. And here's the following fax.

Schapelle Corby - Teaching Allan Joyce How To Locate His Ass

Here's my phone call to Qantas this morning (after my previous phone call of 21 Sept 2011, almost 2 weeks ago), re the unscreened luggage they carried to Indonesia in 2004, as just reported to over 1.3 million Australian women in New Idea Magazine, utilising the EXPENDABLE dossiers.

And here's the new fax I sent the incompetent one this morning, page 1 here, page 2 here . . . post crucial correspondence that Alan Joyce has completely ignored for over 10 months.

Schapelle Corby - Sending The Truth To Over 1.3 Million Australian Women

Click on the image to enlarge and read. New Idea magazine info here. Expendable here.