Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Schapelle Corby & Exposing the Corrupt Stalinists At The Heart of The Australian Media

Here is my recent telephone call to Amanda Wilson (Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald) - and here is the fax I sent her her to-day.

And here are the 18 December 2010 faxed questions to her office that she has completely ignored (for 10 months), despite numerous reminders in the interim - and here is my correspondence with their useless "Readers Editor."

Further, here's my phone call and fax to the heart of the Murdoch empire in Australia, and my phone call and fax to the managing director of the ABC, Mark Scott.

The above is all core research material, proving corruption and cover -up at the heart of the Australian media. The feature length Documentary at Expendable is out very soon, and further media (dramatisation, book), is not an "If," it's "When." Looks like some powerful players are about to show their bare buttocks to the World . . .