Saturday, October 22, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Greg Barns, President of The Australian Lawyers Alliance, Please speak Out on Behalf of a Very Sick, Abused, Innocent Woman


Addit - By one month later, on Tuesday 23rd November 2011, Greg Barns has still completely ignored this correspondence (here's a screen grab of his current Google search results). However, his organisation was reminded about this matter (again), via phone and email - I and also reminded them that Schapelle was victimised by the same corruption that claimed the life of Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers. When Australian policemen can die of "Unexplained" natural causes in this context, the rule of law does not exist in this country. What core message does that send to every other serving officer? So do you have anything more important on your plate right now Greg? Because Brendan O'Connor is point blank refusing to respond re whether or not there was ever an inquiry into the horrific inventory losses that Gary reported.

Dear Greg,

Firstly, I wholly support your recent comments about the 14 year Australian boy currently held in Bali. As a mother myself, this situation horrifies me to the core.

I'm also acquainted with your organisation, via my own campaigning for the rights of children. In 2001, I was runner up in The Australian Plaintiff Lawyers National Civil Justice Award (the previous name for the Alliance), for my public efforts to improve school bus safety, nominated by a former President of your organisation, Rob Davis.

So Greg, I am now asking you to show public support for Schapelle, the victim of gross human rights abuse in both Indonesia and Australia - and you could also help me get some answers from the criminally silent.

Here are the facts:

1. She was given a sentence four times higher than any Indonesian had ever been given for the same crime, and twice as high as an Indonesian man caught with nearly 40 times as much as her. Here's the letter from her lawyer to John Howard (which he completely ignored), that proves it.

2. Australian academic Tim Lindsey has completely ignored all my efforts (multiple phone calls and emails), to provide case evidence for his public statements in 2005 re Schapelle's (according to him), "Lenient" sentence.

3. Her trial did not conform to either Indonesian law, or International law - as described here, also backed up by Indonesian law expert Roger A Smith, of Civil Liberties Australia.

4. The Australian Government are refusing to respond on these core issues. Personally, I think this is because it's convenient to keep her banged up in Bali, and thus keep the gross corruption and criminality at our airports hidden. Senior Australian Customs officer Allan Kessing (now retired) agrees - and I'm sure you've heard of him.

5. She is very gravely ill, and continually mistreated by her Indonesian captors - as they routinely and forcefully exhibit a woman (already in the grip of severe depressive, paranoid psychosis), to the World's media, completely against her will. Her illness is harrowingly described here.

6. Primary evidence of corrupt interference with her boogie board bag was deliberately withheld from her during her trial, and all levels of the Australian Government are refusing to respond on this gross security failure.

7. I also suggest you scroll through these graphics, to get a simple briefing on the many other core issues relating to the incarceration of an innocent woman - not the least of which is the non-arrest and charging of seriously criminal baggage handlers at Sydney International Airport, who were also using other innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules on the exact day Schapelle flew. However, they were working in league with a director of the bank that owns the airport.

Regards, Kim