Thursday, October 6, 2011

Schapelle Corby & The Scorching New Film Trailer

. . . . and here's the rock anthem music theme. And as it says, some of the contributors fear for their lives - with very good reason. Here's what happened to Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers. RIP Gary, a very brave and honourable man.

Gary reported major loss of police weapons, and other huge irregularities, then ended up dead. And right now, the AFP are running for their lives, as they've been asked to account for those losses. Here's their recent response to a Freedom of Information request. And the Minister, Brendan O'Connor, has ignored a simple question (re whether there was ever an official inquiry into those unexplained losses), for over 4 weeks. So I posted a reminder on his Facebook wall this morning, then followed up with a phone call to his office. Yes, my correspondence was received, it's been "Flagged" (I bet it has), and I will be getting a reply. I look forward to it Brendan, and the World does too.

Maybe the Bard should have the final word to-day . . .