Friday, October 14, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Subverting The Corporate Media

You can print 1600 labels for just over $36 (including delivery) and the price of some black printer ink. Here's the pdf document you can download in an instant, that fits those 16-label per A4 sheets perfectly.

Now (courtesy of two young daughters still at home), I have around 500 women's and gossip magazines hanging around the place. I'm adding one label to the inside of each (on the key article), and then donating them to my local doctors surgeries and hairdressing salons etc. It's also a very eco-friendly way of recycling and getting rid of clutter.

If you wanted to get really enthusiastic, you could even ask your friends for their magazines, and re-cycle them the same way.

I even heard of one woman who kept a couple of sheets of labels in her bag, and would surreptitiously add them to public loos, store changing rooms, ATM machines, petrol bowsers, public notice boards, the fridge and computer at work and any magazine she happened to be reading at her local hairdresser (or anywhere else).

And other ideas? You could buy Schapelle's book as a gift for friends and family (Christmas is coming), and include a sticker inside. You can also add a sticker to back of envelopes, and Christmas cards.