Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The Australian Federal Police Defy Freedom of Information Laws

Click on the above image to enlarge & read. To-day is the 3rd of November 2011, but still the Australian Federal Police maintain their silence, despite a voicemail message I left with Jackie Matan yesterday to remind her.

Here is my original Freedom of Information request. Gary Lee Rogers paid with his life to uncover the Australian Airport corruption that may well cost the death of yet another innocent person.

Addit - The above was posted after voicemail message on this matter to the AFP was ignored (of the 2nd Nov 2011), and a further phone call of 3rd Nov 2011 also revealed no information. However, after posting this (and emailing the link to the AFP), I finally had a return phone call from them, saying they had already replied via email, and I must have inadvertently missed it. Here it is. They claim to have no information.