Thursday, November 3, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Brendan O'Connor Stop Running Away From The Death of Gary Lee Rogers

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Brendan O'Connor has ignored this simple, direct question about those missing police weapons, as reported by Deborah Locke, for nearly two months (not even an acknowledgment), despite a reminder call to him in the interim, during which I was told my inquiry had been "Flagged." It's not rocket science Brendan - very simply, was there ever an inquiry (or a formal investigation of any sort), into all that missing gear? And if not, why not? The Australian people have the right to know - especially as a serving police officer was probably murdered trying to make that information public. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ON THIS QUESTION ASAP.

This recent reply from the Australian Federal Police (to my Freedom of Information request), strongly suggests those strange losses were bizarrely ignored - because they claim to have zero documentation of any investigation into those dangerous inventory losses.

However, Jackie Matan of the Australian Federal Police suggested that I could put in the same FOI request to the Attorney General's Department, to see if they hold any records of the formal inquiry that SHOULD have eventuated from that crime. So I've just done that.