Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Schapelle Corby - The Duffer Responds . . .

Looks like the Duffer has had a dummy spit here in the comments, or at least, someone claiming to be the Duffer. Hi sweetheart . . . are you talking about little old me? ;-)

Sorry to disappoint your fantasies, but no, I'm not responsible for this - though I think it's wickedly effective, don't you? Now if anyone Googles your cliche of a title, along with your name, it's one of the very first links that appear - and if anyone Googles your name alone, well, this blog pops up, right near the top of your search results.

I also know the person who did do this will be cracking a very wide grin right about now . . . Didn't think we could trash you that quickly, did you?

You see, this network of truth seekers is international, and made up of very smart (but very ordinary), people. I'm just a nurse who has to work for a living - unlike the criminal scroats, rewarded with thousands of my tax dollars, that you choose not to mention (more on that below). So let's take this from the top (the links provide all the necessary background) . . . with all the questions you'll never be able to answer . . . as you crawl back into the hole you slithered out of . . .

1. Where's your evidence of a commercial flow of marijuana FROM Australia, to Bali - because I'm seeking that right now

2. Where's your evidence for Michael Corby Snr's alleged "Criminal record," because here's evidence he didn't have one - and the Queensland Police agree.

3. Can you please answer the questions about "Aussie Gold" I faxed and emailed to your mate, because he's ignored them for nearly a year.

4. What's your response to this official data from The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, re the comparative price of marijuana in Indonesia and Australia?

5. Can you explain why neither the AFP, or the Queensland Police, did any formal investigation at all into the Australian source of the marijuana found in Schapelle's bag - as they both fully admit here, quoted from letters they sent me?

6. In particular, can you explain why there was no police search of Michael Corby's house?

7. And can you also explain why the AFP failed to expedite any forensic testing of the physical evidence, even though the Indonesians agreed, and why they also failed to utilise the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act to ensure this testing went ahead?

8. Did you ever seek to investigate these fallacious AFP claims re the physical testing of the marijuana, by interviewing a well known forensic plant expert who said the complete opposite at the time?

9. What's your response to documentation proving Schapelle begged for this forensic testing? Would she have done that if she's covering for her Father, as you claim? And here's even more comprehensive evidence re that.

8. Do you dispute that the criminal Qantas baggage handlers at Sydney Airport, who were working on the day Schapelle flew, were in a drugs syndicate with a Director of Macquarie Bank (who own Sydney Airport), namely an Ian Robert Chalmers - and used another innocent passenger as an unwitting drug mule at the exact time she flew?

9. Do you also know why none of them were ever arrested or charged, despite graphic AFP admissions about their crimes?

10. What's your response to the huge sum one of them was paid from the public purse, after he threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police? And here's more evidence of that, via a recent FOI request. Pretty good going for a baggage handler on twenty bucks an hour who took this photo of his money pile, eh?

11. Did you ever seek to interview Ray Cooper or Allan Kessing?

In fact Duffer, there's hundreds of questions you'll never be able to answer - because you're a lying little toad. And there's even more startling background here and here, created by people who actually know how to research a story. Though I guess it's hard going when your results suggest you'd be better suited to alternative employment - have you tried Macca's yet?